Prices include delivery to Europe. Not in Europe? Note that we only sell standard alcohol-based stock Bach remedies to personal visitors in our shop in Oxfordshire.

10ml Alcohol-free Stock Remedies

10 ml alcohol-free stock remedyMother tincture diluted at the ratio of 2 drops per 30 mls in a base of 80% glycerine, 20% water, in a traditional 10 ml bottle.

Especially suitable for anybody who wants to avoid alcohol for reasons of health or belief, these are full-strength stock remedies and can be rediluted into personal dropper bottles etc. in the usual way.

Prices: 7.91 for single remedies

Chestnut Bud
Red Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut
Water Violet
Wild Oat
Wild Rose

Emergency combination - Rescue Remedy

RRThis is the best-known and longest-established brand of Dr Bach's combination remedy, designed for use when there is no time to make a personal selection.

We only sell mail-order the alcohol-free versions, bottled in glycerine. Use four drops at a time (or two squirts of the spray) either direct by mouth or in a glass of water or other liquid.

10 ml drops 8.91; 20 ml spray 11.36

Size and type

Emergency combination cream - Rescue Cream

creamThe cream version of Dr Bach's emergency combination, as formulated by his assistant Nora Weeks in the 1960s.

Available in two sizes, boxed. For external use - apply as required.

50g 10.16; 30g 7.91