Supervision and mentoring programme

Rolling programme: enrol any time

E1WTrainer: Edna Dvir BFRP, Israel

Supervision is a supportive relationship between two professionals. It is a mandatory requirement in many professions that deal with emotional issues, as it helps practitioners manage the boundaries of their client relationships and contributes to their own well-being.

This Bach Centre-approved supervision and mentoring programme comprises 13 hours of one-to-one consultations, divided into eight sessions that take place every three to four weeks. The sessions can take place in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or are offered internationally via Skype.

Consultations involve the structured discussion of on-going cases and the dilemmas arising from them, and aim to provide you with professional guidance on your personal development.

The programme is suitable for BFRPs, BFRAPs and Level 3 graduates; it is also open to Bach practitioners who have studied the remedies independently.

Edna Dvir BFRP BFRAP is an experienced practitioner who is currently Head of the Holistic Psychotherapy Department of the Mayanot Complementary Medicine College in Jerusalem. She has been teaching and lecturing on the remedies for many years, and is experienced at offering supervision to students and practitioners.

The programme is available in English and Hebrew.

To find out more contact edna.dvir@gmail.com

Shirley Gillotti (USA):

"I have experienced my sessions with Edna to be lively, informative and extremely supportive. We skype all our sessions.

"I highly recommend Edna if you are needing to feel less isolated with your private practice and to stay the course when inspiration both waxes and wanes. It’s an invaluable experience to learn directly from practitioners who have dedicated their lives to the Bach system. We can’t always travel to learn from the highly skilled Bach teachers. Edna is clearly one of them!"

Irit Yona (Israel):

"During our consultations I was pleased to find that the training and materials provided aligned with my set of expectation prior to enrolment. I already run a clinic that uses Bach flower therapy and other complementary methods, and my professional expectations for the supervision were set high.

"I was aiming to deepen my understanding of each remedy and to understand the interrelation to the philosophic level. I’m pleased to say that I have achieved this in Edna's supervision program. Edna's guidance and directions along the road assisted me to identify special points in my personality while interacting with specific people. It helped me to balance my strength, and strengthen my positive belief in my integrity and my goals in life."

Reza Gunawan (Indonesia)

"The Bach flower system is both so simple and profound. Within each of the 38 remedies, there are intricate stories and subtle understandings to be discovered and experienced.

"I was privileged to be mentored by Edna Dvir in the last 9 months. Her approach of working with the remedies was kind, gentle and inspiring at the same time. Not only we have worked on many layers of my personal healing issues, but I also noticed a significant transformation in how I work with my own clients.

"This method of experiencing the remedies, in my opinion, is another level of learning the system beyond books and workshops. I wholeheartedly recommend fellow practitioners to work with Edna, and embark on their own personal voyage into BFR, and into themselves."