Dr Bach's philosophy, personal development and spiritual growth

Mumbai, India on 5 April 2017

E2ETrainer: Angela Davies BFRP

This one-day workshop aims to explore facets of Dr Bach's philosophy and extracts from his writings that relate to personal development and spiritual growth. How can we define God, soul, body and mind? How can we listen to our souls and let go of things and attachments that hold us back? How can we find our life's purpose?

Students can expect to attain a deeper understanding of Dr Bach's philosophy and further insights into how it might relate to them personally. Interacting with other students will generate inspiration, insight and awareness - and ideas for future action.

Angela Davies teaches Level 1 and Level 2 courses at the Bach Centre and also teaches Level 3 in Kent. She has been instrumental in taking Bach Centre-approved education to India, which is where this course will run for the first time.

Contact Angela for more information: angelajdavies@tiscali.co.uk or www.bodymindhealth.co.uk