Bach Centre-Approved Continuing Education: BC-ACE

BC-ACE is a response to many request received from Level 3 students and BFRPs for opportunities to study the Bach system and its applications in more depth.

BC-ACE is not 'Level 4' because that would imply the same material being taught on all courses. Instead it aims to encourage the development of a wide range of courses so that BFRPs and other advanced remedy users can seek further development and learning on the path that is right for them.

Everything taught under the BC-ACE banner, even the most complicated and difficult of subjects, will be presented in the light of Dr Bach's commitment to simplicity and self-help.

To encourage teachers and students to participate in the programme, the Bach Centre will provide certificates to all students who attend BC-ACE events; and will help publicise events via its web site, the BFRP Bulletin and social networking sites.

What kind of events can be part of the BC-ACE programme?

BC-ACE events can include workshops, series of lectures, online events, the activities of a discussion group, or a modular framework into which the person leading the event (the event leader, in our jargon) can build different content at different times. So almost anything could be considered for inclusion.

The main restrictions are:

  • The event leader must be a current BFRP or BFRAP
  • All teachers must be suitably qualified to present or lead their sessions
  • The subject and approach must be consistent with the Bach Foundation Code of Practice
  • The event must be serious, professional and challenging
  • The delivery method and timing must be appropriate for the subject and the number of students

Who can teach a BC-ACE event?

The event leader must be a BFRP or BFRAP whose registration is up to date when the event is approved; and remains up to date on the day(s) the event runs.

Event leaders do not have to be existing licensed trainers of Levels 1, 2 or 3. We are looking for BFRPs with a wide range of skills and interests, so we need the widest range of BFRPs to choose from.

The teacher of a BC-ACE event in most cases will be the event leader, but there is scope for event leaders to invite other teachers - who may or may not be BFRPs - to teach all or part of their event. Any such teachers must be qualified to teach the subject they will be involved in, whether academically or through personal experience in the area concerned.

How does certification work?

Certificate application forms for BC-ACE events are provided by the Centre. Event leaders buy certificates from the Centre in advance of the course. The cost is (2016) 1 per certificate, which covers printing and postage. The event leader fills out and signs the certificates and gives them out to students at the end of the event.

How can I get my event approved?

Send an application form to the Bach Centre, along with copies of handouts, course notes, outlines, and any other supporting information you have available. Submit a separate application for each event title that you want us to consider.

An approval fee is payable (2016: 60 per event title) to cover the application process; this is taken whether or not we grant approval of the event, but includes the cost of two resubmissions of the same event if an initial application is refused. When we receive an application we will contact you to discuss your proposal before deciding whether or not to grant approval.

If you have questions please contact the Bach Centre.

"Practitioners shall stress the purity simplicity originality and integrity of the System in all they do and say."

- Bach Foundation Code of Practice