BFTP3: eligibility criteria

In our course approval criteria for Level 3 we specify that new Level 3 teachers should already have:

  • Six years' experience of using the remedies in line with the Code of Practice
  • Four years’ experience of helping other people select remedies
  • Experience of teaching at least five Bach Centre-approved Level 2 courses

Other key factors when deciding to accept a candidate for BFTP3 teacher-training include:

  • Feedback received from students, teachers and other professionals
  • How well the candidate has communicated and co-operated with students, trainers, BFRPs and others
  • The candidate's registration record with the Centre and commitment to the Code
  • The overall suitability of the candidate
  • The overall best interests of education provision in the area

BFTP3 is designed principally for Level 2 teachers who are licensed direct by the Bach Centre.

If your Level 2 licence to teach comes from a third-party course provider like the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) you should contact that provider first to discuss whether BFTP3 would be an option for you.

Entry to the course is via an application form. We will assess your suitability for the course and take into account the overall best interests of education provision in your area before deciding whether to offer you a place.

Step 2: send us an application form