Bach remedies and animals

Bach remedies can help your animals in exactly the same way they help you and the rest of your family. The key is to try to see the situation from your pet's point of view. How would your pet live if it had the choice? Has anything changed in the home that might have scared or unsettled it? For most simple situations you can select remedies yourself, safe in the knowledge that this is a gentle system and at worse you will do no harm.

Dosage is the same as for people. It's safest to dilute the remedies to minimise the alcohol content, especially when giving to birds and other small animals. If you dilute them the amount of alcohol is reduced to trace levels, and should not cause a problem. For this reason we recommend making up a mixing bottle and giving the diluted drops on a treat.

Some remedy makers produce alcohol-free remedies, which might be marketed as being 'for children' or 'for animals' or just as 'alcohol free'. If you can get these where you live they can be a good option for animals (and anyone who wants to avoid alcohol). The Bach Centre has a limited supply of alcohol-free remedies in the shop.

Recommended books

Reading one of the recommended books can help you choose remedies for an everyday problem:

These books draw on insights from animal behaviourists and include real-life case studies showing the remedies in use. They are detailed and authoritative, and will be required reading for everyone who cares for animals.

Bach remedies should always and only be selected for emotional states. Veterinary care may be necessary where there are medical conditions or injuries that need diagnosis and treatment. Be cautious about books that wrongly associate flower remedies with specific physical disorders. They may lead you to give inappropriate help and delay necessary veterinary intervention.

Further help

Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioners (BFRAPs) are practitioners who have specialist training in animal behaviour. If you need help selecting remedies for your pet look at the list of BFRAPs to see if there is somebody near you.

BFRAPs will want to ensure an animal client has been checked for any undiagnosed veterinary condition before attempting to select remedies for its emotions. This may include contacting your vet.

How to become a BFRAP