Remedies in a personality crisis

By Angelina Kelly ITEC, MIRIL, BFRP, MCThA

Dr Bach believed that we are born into this world with a personality that serves us for our time on earth. It is supposed to equip us with all we need for our journey. But what happens when life severely challenges this personality? We are told that we are given only what we are able to cope with – but what if we are given more than we feel able to deal with?

Therapists can feel particularly challenged. Many of us have been trained to believe that everything happens for a reason, that we are masters of our destiny, conductors of our symphony, and in control. But what if we have to hand over control to somebody else in order to deal with a situation? How can we hand ourselves over to others, and indeed to God, and accept that it is in our best interests to do so?

Take, for example, a mild-mannered person who gives of herself to help others and doesn’t readily push to have her own needs met. One day she discovers that she has a serious illness and has to have very aggressive treatment which will make her extremely sick, weak, and helpless. Decisions about her treatment are being made by doctors who do not know her.

She may feel that in order to be heard she has to become somebody different - headstrong, arrogant, stubborn and uncooperative. This is not within her personality but she has to do it for the sake of survival and for her family. She has to go against everything she has been taught, she has to fight to be heard and she has to pull herself through each day no matter how horrible she feels.

In using the remedies, though, the principle is still the same: deal with what is there, now. Even if her normal type remedy were Centaury or Mimulus, where she is now is the key. As well as Star of Bethlehem, perhaps, for the shock (both present and past) and Walnut to help her adjust to the changes, she might need Vervain or Rock Water or Vine to soften her current (apparent) personality.

So when we are in a situation that we feel is beyond us, when there appears to be nowhere to run and no one to turn to, we can find comfort in the Bach remedies.

They don’t solve our problems, they don’t magically make things go away, but they do support and comfort us while we are in the process of doing what is necessary to put things right. They help us to regain a calm, relaxed, constructive frame of mind so that we can make the right choices and be “there” for ourselves.

Everyone has different needs and reacts to situations differently and so the remedies would be chosen in line with what each individual requires. When a remedy mix is chosen it works only on the person it is “built” for and no one else. It is not transferrable and cannot be given to anyone else, not even in the same situation because there is always something unique to each person.

When our personalities are in crisis the flowers provide the strength and assistance that is necessary to help us cope with the situation. Having learned from the experience and taken the wisdom gained, they then help our matured personality to move on and get on with life.

You can contact Angelina via her listing on the Bach Centre's Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners in Ireland

"It is the person we treat, not the disease."

- Judy Ramsell Howard, The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step