Social projects in South America

Projeto CrescendoBach therapy is one of three modalities on offer through Projeto Crescendo, a programme set up in Minas Gerais, Brazil to supply therapeutic help to people who can’t afford it.

Clients coming to Projeto Crescendo for help get free remedies courtesy of remedy distributors Mona’s Flowers. Used treatment bottles are sterilised – again as a donation – by the Farmacia Livremente.

Instead of paying for treatment clients are asked where possible to donate two kilos of food to another charity, the Programa Trabalho e Dignidade, which helps local destitute people and provides volunteers to assist in providing help at day care centres, schools and so on.

‘At the moment we are treating about 80 people a month,’ says Patricia Andrade, the Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and Bach International Education Programme trainer who coordinates the programme and heads a team of therapists. ‘It is a big honour to all of us to be able to use this wonderful gift Dr Bach has given to us and see the results.’

Projeto Crescendo isn’t the only recent South American initiative to involve Bach remedies and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners. In Peru, BFRP Thierry Polese organised a Bach programme through La Restinga, a charitable association created to help children and adolescents working in the streets of Iquitos.

Initially planned as an experiment aimed at teachers, the remedies soon proved their worth in helping children aged between 9 and 17 years who were dealing with abuse and sexual exploitation. The children turned out to be the most enthusiastic users of the system, and the pilot scheme was a great success.


  1. Bach flower remedies are a complementary medicine that helps resolve imbalanced emotional states, which can in turn lead to improvements in general health
  2. To find out more about Projeto Crescendo in Brazil contact Patricia Guimarães Andrade, (31)2551 3456 or email
  3. To find out more about the La Restinga Bach project in Peru email and ask for a copy of the final official report