Level 3 for all

The Bach Centre4th May 2010

The Bach Centre is opening its Oxfordshire-based level 3 courses to anybody who wants to learn more about helping others with the remedies. The only requirement is that applicants must hold a valid level 2 certificate.

'When we started our level 3 practitioner courses in 1991 we only accepted people who intended to use the remedies as part of a professional practice,' says Bach Centre director Stefan Ball.

'Over the years we relaxed that requirement, and now we've taken the next step. Anybody who wants to learn is welcome on the level 3.'

Under the new scheme students can opt out of the assessment process at the end of the taught part of the course. They then have up to 18 months to start the assessments if they decide to qualify.

'The first three days of the course run as usual,' explains Ball. 'Intending professionals who want to join the Bach Foundation International Register take the first part of the assessment on day four. The rest enjoy a free morning at the Centre and meet up with the other students about noon ready for the close of the course.'

The Centre hopes the new arrangement will be especially helpful to people who have a real interest in the remedies, but aren't sure they want to sit exams and prepare case studies - both of which are required to prove professional competence.

'In effect students can delay a decision if they aren't sure what to do,' says Ball. 'They can take the course, go home, try things out and have a think before deciding whether or not to complete the assessments and apply to join the Register.'


  1. This press release is also available in an Adobe Acrobat version.
  2. All Bach Centre-approved courses teach the original system as discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street consultant and bacteriologist.
  3. Bach flower remedies are complementary medicines that help resolve imbalanced emotional states, which can in turn lead to improvements in general health.
  4. This announcement only applies to level 3 courses run direct by the Bach Centre at Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire. Bach Centre-approved level 3 courses run by third-party providers including BIEP may not offer these options.