Solutions for sleep-deprived parents

Sleep treatments23rd July 2010

The Bach Centre has welcomed the publication of research into sleep deprivation, which shows that parents of new babies can miss out on up to six months' sleep in the first two years.

Nearly two-thirds of parents questioned slept less than four hours a night considerably less than the recommended minimum of between five and eight hours. As a result many suffered mood swings and depression, which led in turn to family arguments and breakdowns in relationships.

'Anybody who has been a parent knows how hard the early years can be,' said Bach Centre Consultant Kathy Nicholson. 'The first step to getting help is to recognise there is a problem, so anything that publicises the issue and shows people they aren't alone must be good.'

Sleep problems are one of the main reasons people turn to complementary medicine, and the Bach Centre team are often asked for help.

'We always start by finding out what the problem feels like to the person concerned,' says Mrs Nicholson. 'Lack of sleep makes some people angry and irritable that could be Cherry Plum, Beech, Impatiens, for example, while others get into a dreamlike state, or feel down, which could be anything from Clematis to Wild Rose to Mustard to Gorse.

'Even tiredness can feel different to different people, so the exact remedy depends on the personal response. The key is to understand the individual, and once we've done that we can move onto making an accurate selection.'


  1. This press release is also available in an Adobe Acrobat version.
  2. 1,000 parents took part in research conducted on behalf of Silentnight Beds Ltd to mark the UK National 'Love Your Bed' Week.
  3. The Telegraph's report on the research is at
  4. Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners are available all over the world to help with the emotional effects and causes of sleep problems.
  5. Bach flower remedies are complementary medicines that help resolve imbalanced emotional states, which can in turn lead to improvements in general health.