1st BC-ACE course is approved

BC-ACE course approved8th September 2011

Summer 2011 saw the Bach Centre launch a new education programme: Bach Centre-Approved Continuing Education, or BC-ACE for short.

BC-ACE was created to aid the personal and professional development of practitioners and encourage the provision of serious, professional, challenging education for post-Level 3 students.

This week – which also marks the 20th birthday of the Bach Centre's practitioner course – the first BC-ACE course has been approved: “Dr Bach and his Philosophy”, a one-day workshop that takes a more in-depth look at Dr Bach's beliefs and how science is beginning to support his theories.

Event leaders for the course are two experienced trainers, Frankie Boyes BFRP (pictured) and Maggie Evans BFRP, who have a particular interest in the historical development and context of Dr Bach's work.

Stefan Ball, director of the Bach Centre in charge of education, said: “We're delighted that Maggie and Frankie's course has been approved. Many other practitioners are working on their BC-ACE submissions, and this should inspire them to complete the process.”

The BC-ACE programme is a response to requests from Level 3 students and BFRPs for opportunities to study the Bach system and its applications in more depth.

“We want to encourage the development of a wide range of courses so that BFRPs and other advanced users of the system can seek further development and learning on the path that is right for them,” explained Ball, writing in the BFRP Bulletin.

“At the same time, everything taught, even the most complicated and difficult of subjects, will be presented in the light of Dr Bach's commitment to simplicity and self-help.”


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  2. For more on the BC-ACE programme see www.bachcentre.com/bc-ace
  3. For more on Bach Centre-approved education in general see www.bachcentre.com/learn