The definitive Twelve Healers marks Dr Bach's 125th birthday

The Twelve Healers, 194124th September 2011

Dr Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Centre and discoverer of the 38 Bach remedies, was born 125 years ago today, on the 24th September 1886.

To mark the occasion the Bach Centre has published a new, definitive edition of Bach's most important book, The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies.

Published exclusively online and free, The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies: The Definitive Edition contains the full text of the 1941 version of the book, which was the first to contain the longer introduction dictated by Dr Bach just before his death.

The new edition includes material missing from most later editions, such as remedy-making instructions and the original Latin names of the plants. There is also a new introduction by the editors, Judy Ramsell Howard and Stefan Ball.

Available from today on the Bach Centre web site's download page, the English edition is the first of a wave of publications that will present definitive translations of Dr Bach's finished system in every language for which a qualified translator can be found.

The Twelve Healers, 1941Speaking on the eve of its release, Stefan Ball explained the genesis of the project.

"I went to a conference in Spain earlier in the year. At the end of the presentation a lady practitioner - a Moslem - asked me when The Twelve Healers would be available in Arabic.

"When I got back to the Centre I thought about how we might achieve that. The first thing, of course, was to settle on the right text to translate. That's what turned us back to the 1941 edition, which was the first one to contain all of Dr Bach's final thoughts on the finished system."

Translations are already underway into Spanish, Dutch, French, Bosnian, Italian, Punjabi and Hindi.

"The first translations should be online next week," said Ball. "More will follow, as and when we find the right people to do the translation."

Who are the right people? - "Practitioners - and other people with in-depth knowledge of the system. One of the problems with existing translations is they were often done by translators who didn't know the remedies. You've only got to mistranslate one word - write a word for 'anxiety' instead of a word for 'worry', say - and you've changed the indications. So we will wait until we find the right person for each language."

The project is ongoing, and there is no set finish line.

"It would be nice to have at least half a dozen translations ready by the end of the year," said Ball, "but if it takes longer to do it right, that's fine.

"For me personally it will be a big day when we put an Arabic translation online. That was the request that kick-started the idea, so that will be a milestone."

Can you help?

So far translations are in hand for the following languages:

  • Bosnian
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish

The Centre would love to hear from BFRPs and other experienced remedy users who can translate from English into a mother tongue language not on that list.

Contact Stefan if you can help.


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