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Books in English

BooksThe Bach Remedies Workbook

By Stefan Ball. This illustrated Workbook combines games, quizzes and exercises into a complete hands-on course in using the remedies, and also introduces the basics of Dr Bach's philosophy of healing.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies for Women

By Judy Ramsell Howard. A thorough, practical and sympathetic book about how the remedies can help during the potentially turbulent milestones of life - menstrual cycle, pregnancy, infertility, dieting, screening, menopause, ageing, bereavement, sexual difficulties etc. - by addressing the emotional aspects of these problems.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies for Men

By Stefan Ball. Back in print in 2013, this is the classic complete guide for men - and women! - showing how the Bach remedies can be an essential companion to the emotional challenges faced by men. Covers everything from bullying to fatherhood to retirement.

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BooksGrowing Up with Bach Flower Remedies

By Judy Ramsell Howard. A comprehensive book about how the remedies can help children and adolescents - difficult behaviour, sleeping, feeding, going to school, family relationships, shyness, puberty, taking exams etc.

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BooksEssential Writings of Edward Bach

Newly published together for 2005 are the two essential works by Edward Bach. The Twelve Healers contains his own description of the 38 remedies. Heal Thyself is his central philosophical book, setting out his thoughts on the nature of life, disease and health.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies Step by Step

By Judy Ramsell Howard. An excellent all-round practical introduction to the use of the remedies, republished in a bright new format.

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BooksPrinciples of Bach Flower Remedies - Revised Edition

By Stefan Ball. "What it is and how it works": this authoritative introduction to the system has been extensively revised for this edition, published by Singing Dragon in 2013.

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BooksBloom - Using Flower Essences for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

By Stefan Ball. Bloom reveals how the Bach system can help change lives for the better. For anyone interested in the Bach remedies or drawn to personal development in general.

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BooksHeal Thyself

Dr Edward Bach' s Heal Thyself is his central philosophical book, setting out his thoughts on the nature of life, disease and health. (Also available in the Essential Writings collection - see above.)

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BooksThe Original Writings of Edward Bach

Compiled by John Ramsell and Judy Ramsell Howard. Original Writings is a journey through Dr Bach's life in his own words, much of it reproduced from original manuscripts and printed editions, with illustrations and photographs.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies: Illustrations and Preparations

By Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen. For those interested in the botanical aspects of the plants used and the methods used to make remedies. Illustrated with full colour photos.

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BooksIllustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies

By Philip M Chancellor. A compilation of in-depth descriptions of each remedy with case histories adapted from Nora Weeks's originals. Illustrated with prints of the flowers.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies for Animals

By Stefan Ball and Judy Ramsell Howard. This illustrated book draws on insights from animal behaviourists and vets to produce the most authoritative guide to using the remedies for animals yet produced. Includes many real-life case studies.

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BooksThe Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician

By Nora Weeks. Nora accompanied Dr Bach from the time he left London in 1930 up to his death in 1936 - the period that covered his most important years. This biography covers his medical career and the story of the discovery of the remedies, and is still the standard work on the subject.

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BooksDictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies

By Tom Hyne-Jones. Simple and useful reference book showing the positive and negative aspects of each remedy. If your state of mind is in the negative column you might require that remedy.

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BooksBach Flower Remedies Repertory

By FJ Wheeler. This supplementary reference book contains lists of suggested remedies to consider for various different moods and emotions. This is a revised and expanded edition, first published 1996, that contains substantial additions.

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BooksEmotional Healing for Cats

By Stefan Ball and Judy Ramsell Howard. A definitive guide to helping cats with flower remedies. Understand your cat's mind, select the right remedies, and deal with a whole host of behavioural and emotional problems.

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BooksEmotional Healing for Horses and Ponies

By Stefan Ball, Heather Simpson and Judy Ramsell Howard. Describes how complementary medicine and simple changes in handling and housing routines can immeasurably improve the lives of our horses. Anybody who has been inspired by the tales of horse whisperers will find in this book practical steps that we can all take to give our horses happier and more joyful lives.

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BooksThe Bach Flower Gardener

By Stefan Ball. Shows how the Bach remedies can raise the vibrations of plants with the most wonderful results. Includes full discussion of dosage, case studies of the remedies in action, theory, and ideas for applying the remedies to your holistic gardening.

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BooksSpace to Think: Quotes and Notes

By Lesley Cooke. Space to Think is not a textbook, but rather a notebook for people new to the remedies that gives space to reflect in writing on your thoughts and feelings in response to the quotes on each page. Each quote is paired with a remedy, suggesting a possible way forward.


Bücher auf Deutsch

Das umfassende Praxisbuch

BooksVon Stefan Ball. Mit praktischen Tipps, spielerischen Übungen und genauen Fragen fällt der Einstieg in die Blütenessenzheilung leicht. Konzipiert wurde dieses Buch für alle, die sich einen Überblick über die Bach-Blütenessenzen aneignen wollen. Aber auch Bach-Blüten-Kenner erfahren hier noch viel Wissenswertes.


Die zwölf Heiler und andere Heilmittel

BooksDr. Edward Bachs eigene Beschreibungen der 38 Bachblüten.

Der Originaltext ist der Übersetzung gegenübergestellt, damit Sie sich am Original orientieren und mit dem Original vergleichen können.


Bach-Blüten für Frauen

BooksVon Judy Ramsell Howard. Schwangerschaft und Klimakterium sind Zeiten im Leben einer Frau, die ganz entscheidende körperliche Veränderungen mit sich bringen und eine außerordentliche Herausforderung an die Anpassungsfähigkeit auf allen Ebenen darstellen. Gleichzeitig handelt es sich dabei aber auch um Wendepunkte im Leben einer Frau, die ihrem ganzen Sein eine völlig neue Richtung geben können, wenn sie in der Lage ist, die Veränderung bewusst an zu nehmen. Dabei können die Bachblüten eine unschätzbare Hilfe sein.


Bach-Blüten für Männer

BooksVon Stefan Ball. Themen dieses Buches sind u.a. Mobbing, Liebe, Sexualität, Jobsuche, Arbeitslosigkeit und Vaterschaft sowie spezielle Probleme wie Akne, Haarausfall bis hin zum Herzinfarkt und Prostataerkrankungen. Bachblüten für Männer ist für alle Therapeuten, Heiler, Geliebte, Ehefrauen, Schwestern, Töchter und Mütter von unschätzbarem Wert. Es dient allen, denen das Wohlergehen der Männer am Herzen liegt.


Bach-Blüten für Kinder und Jugendliche

BooksVon Judy Ramsell Howard. Im Buch werden zunächst die einzelnen Blütenessenzen und ihre Verabreichung beschrieben. Danach kommt der Hauptteil des Buches, in dem auf die einzelnen Lebensphasen vom Säugling bis zum Jugendlichen eingegangen wird.


Libros en español

BooksLa curacion por las flores

La curacion por las flores incluye: Curese usted mismo, Los doce curadores del Dr Edward Bach, y un Nuevo repertorio de remedios.

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Livres en français

L'Histoire de Mount Vernon

BooksDe Judy Ramsell Howard. Un récit émouvant, empreint de simplicité et de poésie, témoin du travail qui s'accomplit au Bach Centre, mais aussi un hommage rendu à Nora Weeks et Victor Bullen, successeurs les plus dévoués du Dr Bach.


Libri in italiano

I fiori di Bach: corso pratico in sette giorni

BooksDi Stefan Ball. Suddiviso in sette parti, il manuale spiega in modo facilmente comprensibile come agiscono i 38 rimedi di Bach e come vanno scelti. Esercizi pratici, quiz, giochi e utili consigli aiuteranno il lettore a comprendere e memorizzare il famoso metodo del dottor Bach.