Visiting the Bach Centre

The Bach CentreWhen is the Centre open?

Is there an entry charge?

There is no charge to visit and look around the house and garden. Remedy plants are signposted, and there is a scrapbook in Dr Bach's room and a small museum upstairs that give an idea of our history. Visitors can make their own tea and coffee in the seminar rooms at the back of the house (unless the rooms are being used for a course).

You will need to book one of our half-day seminars if your group wants a more structured visit, including a presentation and the chance to ask questions of a Bach Centre expert.

What will I see?

Things to see include:

  • Dr Bach's consulting room, mother tinctures and hand-made furniture
  • A small museum featuring remedy-making and -bottling equipment and many items of memorabilia from our past
  • The garden, including many remedy plants
  • The shop, with a full range of remedies and books
  • The Bach Centre team
  • ... and on a sunny morning in spring or summer there's every chance you'll see remedies being made in the garden

While you're here take some time to explore the village. Dr Bach is buried in the village churchyard only 50 yards from the Centre, and one of his favourite pubs is still open and serves a very good lunch. Need more local information?

All five ingredients in Dr Bach's famous crisis formula grow in the Bach Centre garden