Bach for the Animal Kingdom – October 26th 2019

26–27 October 2019
Day 1 9h30-17h 30 Day 2 9h30-17h
The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire

We are pleased to welcome Hayley Sheppard to the Bach Centre who will be teaching the course – Bach for the Animal Kingdom – in October.

Public: Qualified practitioners (for humans) and those having followed level 2 and 3 courses only

Cost: £250 per person (meal not included)

Training Objective: Awareness of animals’ needs and how they affect their emotions and behaviour and hence how to avoid traps in choosing the right essences


Day 1

  • How to administer the BFR to animals
  • Identifying stress factors and the essences adapted
  • The efficiency and utility of the emergency mix
  • Understanding some of the fundamental needs of animals
  • Realising the impact of fear on animals and choosing the right essence

Day 2

  • Avoiding traps linked to Anthromorphism and human and environmental influences on animal behaviour and emotions
  • Discovering different phases of the animals lives and the essences that can assist
  • Real cases and making up their mixes

Method: Participative

Tools. Video and picture portraits -True-life experiences -Participative exercises -Case studies

For more information about the course and how to book please follow get in touch via Email –