Practitioner Bulletin no. 2, December 1992

Hello again everyone! We have received lots of positive feedback from the last Bulletin, so we hope you will all enjoy this one too….

Baby Ball update

Chris has now been back at work for two months, and each day she is accompanied by her daughter Alexandra. It is quite something to watch the baby grow and develop before our very eyes. She is now three and a half months old and is as lively as ever, full of smiles and waving her arms and legs around in excitement. She seems to like it at Mount Vernon (hardly surprising I suppose!), and has become an established member of the team now. When we have a course running, her dad Stef has been looking after her at home, but despite all the toys and playtime and her father’s constant attention, she always manages to get her own way and come into work all the same! But we all love her and cannot help but miss her when she is not there so rather welcome her re-appearances!


A few practitioners have brought up the subject of advertising, and asked what they can and cannot say or do by way of announcing services. To help you be clear about your position, we thought it might be helpful to mention a few points.

Firstly, as you probably already know, the phrase ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ is a registered trade mark in some countries, which means it is a protected title; and where it isn’t registered as a trade mark, capitalised like that it is usually understood to be the name of a brand and not a generic term. The flower logo and Dr.Bach’s signature are also registered trade marks. Several of you have asked whether it would be permissible to reproduce the logo (for example) on a business card, leaflet or headed note-paper, and we can’t give that permission as those trade marks don’t belong to us.

So what can you use? Well, the best way to describe yourself is by your well-earned title “Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner”. This not only describes what you do, but gives you a recognised status. You can also use the Bach Foundation logo on your stationery, web sites, etc. and of course put the letters ‘BFRP’ after your name. ‘BFRP’ is a trade mark registered by the Bach Centre, so it can only be used by Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners.

As you know, we cannot make medical claims with regard to the benefit of the remedies – i.e. we cannot state that they will treat any condition and thus it can be problematical using what are deemed to be medical terms (depression, shock etc.). It is therefore sometimes rather difficult, when preparing a notice, to describe how the remedies might help a person and at the same time trying to avoid using any sensitive words! We have had the same problem ourselves! It is therefore best to keep it general rather than specific – such as “…..will help to relieve negative moods and attitudes” or “….will help to re-establish an inner harmony”.

Printed labels are available now for use on prepared treatment bottles, but if any of you use your own specially printed labels, then as well as stating what is in the bottle, how to take it etc., you should also state that it is a diluted treatment bottle, prepared by yourself. This will avoid any confusion that, although unlikely, could potentially follow!


We now have about 110 registered practitioners – there will be several more in the coming months now the courses have resumed for the winter season! – and some of you have asked if it would be possible to have a list of your fellow practitioners so that you can make a referral should, for example, a client of yours have a friend in another part of the country who is in need of help. We have therefore prepared a list of the practitioners so far registered and enclose a print out with this Bulletin. From time to time we will bring you up to date as others become listed.

At the moment there may only be one practitioner covering quite a large area – certainly in some places this would seem to be the case – but in time of course, those gaps will close up and so you may well find yourself with a co-practitioner in your town. However, in our experience, once word gets round, you can find yourself inundated with calls for help, so it will be quite a relief to know there is someone else nearby to share the load!

Video news

In the last Bulletin we mentioned our new video. At that time we had not actually seen it ourselves, although we had been active in its making, but now at last it is readily available and should be filtering its way into the shops very soon. It can however also be ordered by post – retail price £9.99 + £1 P&P, but only £8.08 (incl.VAT & P&P).

It is called “The Light that Never Goes Out – the Story of the Bach Flower Remedies” and really is a delightful film to watch. It is quite moving too and has been extremely well put together. It tells Dr. Bach’s life story sensitively and thoughtfully, and truly captures the spirit of his whole work, right up to the present day. We feel sure you will enjoy it – we’ve seen it about half a dozen times now and haven’t got bored with it yet! Running time is 38 minutes.

Professional prices

Don’t forget, Nelsons offer BFRPs discounts on remedies, so please contact them to set up a professional account and they will send you one. Also, you can now order packs of 4 empty 30ml treatment bottles, although if you use a lot of them it would be more economical to obtain them directly from the wholesaler: A.J. Cope & Son Ltd., 11-12 The Oval, Hackney Road, London. E2 9DU.

Well… that seems to be it for now! Hope the contents of Bulletin no. 2 have been useful. Until next time, we wish you a very happy festive season and a peaceful New Year which we trust will be “annus joyous” not “horribilus”!

With best wishes from us all.


This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.