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Bach Centre courses in 2001

We have planned our widest ever programme of courses for 2001. And some of them are open to non-practitioners who have a good general knowledge of the remedies. Here’s what’s on offer.

  • Animal Courses – see the web site.
  • Bach Foundation Teachers Programme – the next course runs on the 2nd and 3rd May 2001. Only open to practitioners who live and work in the UK.
  • Case Study Workshop – a one-day workshop that gives you a chance to bring along any difficult cases or professional issues that you want to discuss in confidence with your fellow practitioners. Facilitated by Lynn Macwhinnie. Course code R1/01; 25th April 2001; practitioners only.
  • From Conception to School Age and Beyond – a one-day workshop led by Carol Charles, who will take a in-depth look at the remedies and how they can help mothers-to-be and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth. Focusing at first on the new mother and her baby the day will widen out to cover young children, especially those with behavioural problems. Course code R2/01; 25th May 2001.
  • Spirituality Day – one of our most popular one-day courses returns. Join Lynn Macwhinnie in an exploration of Dr Bach’s philosophy and how it and our spiritual beliefs impact on our work as practitioners and users of the remedies. Course code R3/01; 14th June 2001.
  • Legacy of Mount Vernon – join Judy Howard for a morning and look at the history of Mount Vernon and its work and at the legacy left by Dr Bach. Includes a demonstration of remedy-making in the garden and ends with a trip to see Dr Bach’s grave and lunch in his favourite pub. Course code R4/01; 22nd June 2001.
  • Working with Survivors of Abuse – a one-day seminar led by Tessa Jordan, intended to raise practitioners’ awareness, sensitivity to and confidence in supporting survivors on their journey of healing from any form of abuse. Includes discussion, theories, exercises, case studies, legal implications and reflections on the dynamics of our own reactions to this sensitive subject. Course code R5/01; 21st September 2001; practitioners only.
  • Writing about the Remedies – a one-day workshop facilitated by Stefan Ball. Whether you write magazine articles and books or just want to update your leaflets or web site you will be able to swap experiences and ideas to make your writing more attractive to readers. Course code R6/01; 17th October 2001.

New Millennium, new Code

Every practitioner will have received with this copy of the Bulletin a copy of the new Code of Practice. This Code is now in force and replaces the old Code.

We are immensely grateful to the many practitioners who contacted us about the draft Code that was published in the last Bulletin. We received so many comments and ideas that it has not been possible to reply in full to all of you. Nevertheless all the input received has been taken into account in drawing up this Code, and many of your ideas have been incorporated or have led to other changes from the draft.

Views ranged widely, and we found ourselves challenged and supported in equal measure. But what came through above all was the depth of passion that practitioners feel about Dr Bach’s work and the commitment that there is to supporting his work into the future. It’s good to know as well that we all share the basic values that Dr Bach laid down – simplicity, completeness, self-help, and the vision of the hospital of the future being made available to all.

We are very pleased with the new Code and we hope you will be too. We feel it gives us a firm basis from which to move forward together into this, the first (real) year of the new Millennium.

Complaints procedure

The new Code includes a complaints procedure and makes it the duty of practitioners to make clients aware of it when it is appropriate to do so.

Full instructions about how to make a complaint are printed on the back page of this Bulletin so that you can photocopy them and give them to clients on request. Additional copies may be obtained from the Centre or using the Bach Centre’s web site

Your letters

We want you to use this Bulletin to keep in touch with each other. If anything wonderful, funny, interesting or just plain typical has happened to you in your work with the remedies, or if there are any questions that have been nagging away at you, or if you simply want to say hello, please write to us at the Bach Centre, marking your letter clearly as being ‘FOR PUBLICATION’.

We can’t promise to print every letter in the Bulletin, but even if we don’t use your contribution we always love to hear from you.

I’m giving a talk on the remedies as part of an Evening of Complementary Therapies – Bach Flower Remedies, Feng Shui and the Bowen Technique – at our local Sue Ryder Hospice on 11 December.

Nelson’s have been very generous with their leaflets and I know at least three groups of people who have told me they are coming. In case other practitioners might want to try and persuade their local hospice to do likewise, here is what we do.

We charge £5 for the evening and ALL profits go to Sue Ryder. We limit the groups to 30 people per session (maximum of 90 people) and anyone who comes can choose 2 of the 3 talks and refreshments are available during the changeover. We had our first evening a few months ago (I gave an Astrology talk at that one) and because the evening generated a lot of interest, we are doing another one. Because I’m a volunteer at Sue Ryder and this was my idea, I was able to be ‘in on the birth’!

Jan Ross BFRP, UK

Practitioners in their own write…

BFRP Rosemary Burr has just had a new book published by Connections Book Publishing. Drawing on her 20 years of experience working with the I-Ching Rosemary has created The Lovers’ I-Ching, a complete pack containing three traditional casting coins and full instructions for using them. Price is £17.99 from bookshops or internet bookshops.

Welcome to…

Since the last (November 2000) issue was prepared, 36 new practitioners have joined the register:

  • in Argentina, Isabel Palacios, Paula Gabriela Cabanchik and Elena Mendez;
  • in Brazil, Sílvia Maria Sundfeld, Marinuzia De Carvalho Rodrigues, Karina Braga de Castro Gomes de Sá and Remo Jose Simonetto;
  • in Canada, Shoona Cook and Reniati Han;
  • in England, Isabelle Grote, Shelley Dunmore, Catherine Duffy, Laura Tugwell, Christine Kelly, Claire Bickerton, Emma Edwards and Gordon Hewitt;
  • in France, Rita Warren, Evelyne Baudry and Chantal Coquery;
  • in Germany, Evelyn Behrendt;
  • in Ireland, Pauline Teague and Margaret McGuire;
  • in Japan, Sakuma Norie and Samo Yoshinaga;
  • in Mexico, Alma Leticia Garcia Ruiz;
  • in the Netherlands, Gerda Dobbenberg;
  • in Norway, Brigitte Madsen;
  • in the Philippines, Julie Savage;
  • in Scotland, Lynda Smith;
  • in Spain, Myriam Saiz Campos and Maria Jesus Aguilar Mingot;
  • in Switzerland, Susan Koller;
  • and in the USA, Stephanie Swafford, Ilan Migdali and Charlene Briggs.

There are now 877 practitioners on the register.


This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.