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Guidelines for practitioners

The new Code has been in operation for several months now and we are delighted to say the changeover has gone smoothly. Now we turn our attention to something that was promised in the Code, namely practice guidelines.

We want to publish a series of practice guidelines in the bulletin over the next year or so. We have identified various areas where we believe practice guidelines would be helpful, including:

  • Working with children – including legal restrictions, approaching the consultation, whether or not parents or guardians should be present;
  • Working with animals – including legal restrictions, working with vets, working with owners, telephone consultations;
  • Insurance – including a description of the main types of insurance available, the pros and cons of being insured, legal requirements, list of known recommended insurers;
  • Giving a talk/teaching the remedies – topics to cover, different levels of involvement.

You will remember that we decided not to address these issues in the Code itself. Special considerations apply to some countries and not to others and this makes it difficult or impossible to apply one set of rules to everyone. Laws also change according to the country that makes them.

We would welcome your input on the above topics, and do tell us if you would like new topics added to the list. Ideas and information from practitioners outside the UK would be especially welcome, because we want to make our guidelines relevant to all of you, and not just to UK-based practitioners. Please help us to help you!

As well as publishing guidelines in the Bulletin we intend to make them available online. More on this in future issues.

Start with a Song

UK BFRP Mavis de Mierre has run music sessions for young children and their parents and carers for many years. Now she has produced a collection of songs specially composed for pre-school children. Her book, Start with a Song, includes suggestions for actions, musical accompaniments, ideas for further development, things to talk about and suggestions for musical listening.

Start with a Song is published by Brilliant Publications. You can order it from bookshops. Price £14.95. An accompanying CD is planned for later this year.

Report on a French level 3 at the Bach Centre – July 2000

by Martine Viniger BFRP and Level 3 trainer, France

When I visited the Bach Centre for the first time five years ago, I felt a deep joy to be right in the heart of Dr Bach’s work. This feeling reinforced my relationship with the Bach Centre, and with the self-help method.

I still remember the words written on the front door – SIMPLICITY, HUMILITY, COMPASSION – three words that summarise perfectly the aims of those who worked there then and work there now, and the aims of registered practitioners who are working with the remedies all over the world. As well as being keys to teaching a Level 3 course.

When I came to the Bach Centre again in 1999 I dreamt of teaching a level 3 course there. This dream came true last summer.

The 15 students were delighted to have this opportunity. They got more and more Impatiens as the date got nearer. Their motivation was very strong and the experience gave them much more than they imagined. We arranged a visit to see where the remedies are bottled, we had our meals in the Red Lion (where Dr Bach used to go) and the many flowers in the garden delighted our senses.

Here are some of the comments made by the students after the course:

  • this course has been a wonderful gift, in such a wonderful environment
  • I found here something I have been unconsciously looking for for a long time
  • the course was beyond my wishes
  • I received all the keys to become a practitioner in the spirit of Dr Bach, right in his home
  • I felt an atmosphere of peace and harmony throughout the course
  • beyond words, life expressed itself by the natural and simple place here
  • the group has been very close and we shared in the group with much simplicity and respect
  • the team of the Bach Centre reflects perfectly what is written on the front door – simplicity, humility and compassion

As a teacher, I could not imagine a better place to teach the remedies. My thanks to the Bach Centre for allowing my dream to come true (after having used some Clematis myself when I arrived!) and thanks for allowing French students to carry back in their heart this precious experience for themselves and also to share with others.

In order to offer again this opportunity, I will teach another level 3 at the Centre from 8th to 11th July this year for French-speaking people.

Your letters

We want you to use this Bulletin to keep in touch with each other. If anything wonderful, funny, interesting or just plain typical has happened to you in your work with the remedies, or if there are any questions that have been nagging away at you, or if you simply want to say hello, please write to us at the Bach Centre, marking your letter clearly as being ‘FOR PUBLICATION’.

We can’t promise to print every letter in the Bulletin, but even if we don’t use your contribution we always love to hear from you.

Recently I have come across 3 people who are either being treated with, or studying, BFR and they have all been involved with rescuing unwanted dogs. Musing aloud I said to one, “What is it about Bach and unwanted dogs?” I received the answer, “Dogs ARE Bach for unwanted people!” Quite profound and thought provoking!

I would also like to share a definition of illness from the same lady, “Physical symptoms are a last ditch stand by the spirit highlighting emotional discord for our urgent attention.” Beautifully expressed I thought.

Susie Laverty BFRP, UK

Welcome to…

Since the last (March 2001) issue was prepared, 44 new practitioners have joined the register:

  • in Argentina, Lidia Noemi Gulino and Mirta Nilda Hours;
  • in Australia, Gloria Carey;
  • in Belgium, Kristien Provost and Danielle Emmerechts;
  • in Brazil, Rames Chhangalal, Liliam Bodemeier, Helenita Scherma, Rita de Cassia Barbedo Tessari, Ana Gracinda Ignacio da Silva and Gilca Galvao Santana Ribeiro;
  • in Canada, Trish Green, Debbie Henderson and Jan Richman;
  • in Denmark, Jette Benda Christiensen;
  • in England, Christine Meredith, Sandra Flanagan, Helen Metcalfe, Sandra Sams, Lynne Crescenzo, Alison Baron, Davina Powell, Carol Reddick, Fiona Lindsay and Florence Salooja;
  • in France, Geneviève Dorey;
  • in Hungary, Susanne David;
  • in Japan, Emi Tsuchida, Hiroko Murakami and Kyoko Araki;
  • in New Zealand, Jenny Sutcliffe, Gina Mundy, Jane Brenan, Fiona Wallen and Anthea Stayt;
  • in Northern Ireland, Una McRory;
  • in Spain, Gloria Sánchez Medina and Belén Bañó Amorós;
  • and in the USA, Sue Denton, Deborah Carrigan, Elyse Furlong, Sue Nowinski, Toni Deeble and Nyla Mueller.

There are now 936 practitioners on the register.

Last word

Remember to tell us if you move or change any of your contact details (phone, email etc.).


This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.