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VAT on Registration Renewal Fees

We have been advised by the UK tax authorities that we have to start charging VAT on registration renewals with immediate effect. It seems that their earlier advice to us (that we did not have to charge VAT on registration renewals) was wrong…

The effect on you depends on whether you pay your registration renewals fees direct to the Bach Centre in the UK, or pay a Local Registrar.

  • If you pay your registration renewal fees direct to the Centre you will have to pay the tax because the ‘place of supply’ under UK tax laws is the UK, so that UK tax applies.
  • If you live in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, Venezuela or the USA you may not be directly affected, but you may in due course notice a slight increase in the renewal fee, as the Local Registrar collecting the fee will have to pay slightly more to us every year to cover the VAT charge.

We are very sorry for the short notice on this – the mistake was not ours but we are having to live with it!

Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies

The latest ‘official’ book is now available from the Bach Centre, and as usual BFRP’s can get a copy at a discounted price.

Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the way we think about horses. At last we have clear ideas about how horses see the world and about how they feel about themselves and the things we ask them to do. This book helps us to put these insights to work.

Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies brings together the skills of expert horsewoman and animal behaviourist Heather Simpson and those of leading Bach Centre experts Stefan Ball and Judy Howard. Together they describe how complementary medicine and simple changes in handling and housing routines can immeasurably improve the lives of our horses. Anybody who has been inspired by the tales of horse whisperers will find in this book practical steps that we can all take to give our horses happier and more joyful lives.

Published by The CW Daniel Co, 216 pp, b&w illustrations, index.

Continuing Professional Development

You will find a full explanation of how CPD is to work on the web site. Please read this and let us have your comments. We hope that everybody will welcome what we feel is a very positive move – one that increases our professionalism while remaining entirely true to Dr Bach’s beliefs about personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Level 2 Courses at the Bach Centre

We thought you would like to know that the Bach Centre held its first ever Level 2 course on the 19th and 20th February!

When the Bach Foundation education programme started in 1991 there was only one approved course in the world, and that was the Centre’s own ‘practitioner course’ held at the Bach Centre. Later, when Nelsons began the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP), we worked closely with them to put in place the three levels of training that are now the international standard courses. The Centre’s ‘practitioner course’ became the UK Level 3 course, while BIEP ran Level 1 and 2 courses at other locations in the UK.

Then, two years ago, the Centre launched the Distance Learning Programme, its own correspondence-course version of the Level 1 course. With the launch of its new Level 2 the Centre now offers the complete package of Levels 1, 2 and 3. And at the same time BIEP has been authorised to start running its own Level 3 courses in other parts of the UK, making it easier for people in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and elsewhere to train all the way up to practitioner level.

The tutors on the Bach Centre’s first ever Level 2 (Judy and Stefan) are happy to say that everything went well, and despite some nerves (quickly calmed with suitable remedies) they had a great time, and the students did too.

Bird Crisis

Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, USA

From the kitchen window of my home, I heard the carpenter calling me to come outside. At the time, he was building a wood walkway along the side of my house. As I approached him to see what was the matter, he walked toward me with what appeared to be either a dead or stuffed little bird perched on his finger.

He was kidding, I was sure. A fake bird, I told myself. ‘What is that?’ I asked. He said he found it on the ground. The very small, lime green bird must have flown at full force into a fixed-glass window on the outside of my home then dropped two stories to the cement pool patio deck. The motionless little bird seemed stiff as a board, eyes shut tight with no noticeable breathing. I thought, ‘Please little bird, don’t be dead.’ I gently lifted the bird off the carpenter’s finger with my index finger under the bird’s feet. Amazingly this little creature grabbed hold of my finger and didn’t fall off as I proceeded to walk upstairs to the kitchen patio. I yelled to my husband, who was inside our home, to please bring me the emergency mix. I sat down in a patio chair and gently slipped my finger away from the bird’s feet letting it settle on my lap. Still the bird was stiff, didn’t seem to be breathing and had its eyes shut tight.

I put two drops of Rescue® Remedy liquid from the concentrate bottle on my finger and rubbed it onto the bird’s head just above the beak and above the eyes. The bird was so tiny that a 4 drop dose would have drowned him. In about 15 seconds, the bird suddenly popped its eyes wide open, looked up at me, flapped its wings, pooped in my lap and then shut back down again like before.

I’ve never been so happy to be pooped on! This bird was alive! It seemed miraculous.

I decided to repeat the dosage again – two more drops on the bird’s head in the same place. Within another 15 seconds this bird popped open its eyes again, looked up at me, began flapping its wings and with a little effort flew up to a palm tree branch in my neighbour’s yard near our property line. I was thrilled! I felt like I just saved a life. At this moment, I still didn’t know if the bird was going to fully recover. I decided to go back into the house. After 20 minutes, I walked outside to see that the bird had flown away.

This event happened many years ago when I was first learning about the benefits of the Bach essences, still questioning whether or not they really worked. I had never in my life seen such a quick healing response in people or animals. I could no longer deny the essences’ powerful healing potential. This event changed my life.

Your letters

We want you to use this Bulletin to keep in touch with each other. If anything wonderful, funny, interesting or just plain typical has happened to you in your work with the remedies, or if there are any questions that have been nagging away at you, or if you simply want to say hello, please write to us at the Bach Centre, marking your letter clearly as being ‘FOR PUBLICATION’.

We can’t promise to print every letter in the Bulletin, but even if we don’t use your contribution we always love to hear from you.

I have treated a lot of friends and people at work but I would like to be able to treat someone regularly and follow their progress as I did when I was doing my case studies. It was wonderful to see the changes and very rewarding. But I have a full time job and haven’t had time to start a proper practice.

I am worried that all my essences will reach their use-by date and I will have to throw them away without having used them to help anyone. I can’t let this happen! So I would love to do some work with voluntary organisations so that people would not have to pay me.

If anybody knows of any voluntary organisations in London or Surrey who are looking for part-time volunteers, please let me know!

Fernanda Kingsley-Thomas BFRP, UK

As a relatively new practitioner, but one who has used and respected the remediesw for many years, I know of the myriad of benefits of using these marvellous flowers. However, one major challenge in my personal practice is meeting and educating others so that I may inspire them to change and adjust their lives for the better.

It is people like my new client, Steve, who keep me on track and help me to feel I have helped in a fine way to begin their transformation. I received the following note from Steve recently, and was so pleased to have received such a note:

‘Mary Ann helped me prepare a flower essence formula before I had major surgery in May 2001, and as I was also going through some life changes. The essences are so subtle and delicate that it seems as though they could have no effect, but I took them faithfully for about three weeks prior to surgery.

‘The effect was dramatic for me. I did not need as much pain medication in the hospital as I was prescribed, and I did not need to get the prescription filled when I came home. My healing was quicker than most others that the doctor and nurses had ever seen. I believe the Bach essences helped my natural systems operate at their best for a very fast and smooth recovery – S.M.’

How wonderful to be able to work with such a client, who came to me fearful and nervous about a successful outcome to his major surgery. I knew how hard it was for him to ask for help at any time – but he is much more able to do so now. Steve continues to use the essences, although different ones by now, and is learning to research his own formulas and spread the word to others about the marvellous effects of Bach!

Mary Ann Dittmeier BFRP, USA

Welcome to…

Since the last (January 2002) issue was prepared, 43 new practitioners have joined the register:

  • in Argentina, Rosana Russo, Catalina Veglia Parolin and Ana Monica Delfiner;
  • in Belgium, Ilse Van Daele and Katrien Tavernier;
  • in Brazil, Vera Maria Esposito de Alvarenga, Martha Harriss Maranesi, Lilian Santos da Silva, Jose Dagoberto da Cunha, Celia Regina de Carvalho Gianini, Silvia Helena Pisani da Silva Mendes and Narciso Feliciano Baldez Carvalho Filho;
  • in Canada, Sue Becker, Christine Yates and Karin Porat;
  • in Denmark, Else Blichert-Toft;
  • in England, Jan Britton, Marian Foss, Renate Levi, Maureen Cavill, Julie Gaywood, Pat White and Jo Blenkinsop;
  • in France, Guerrero, Pascale Guillon and Isabelle Pons;
  • in Ireland, Anne O’Donnell;
  • in Japan, Mieko Tsukada, Michiko Sakuma, Iwasaki Kiyomi, Yuka Fujii, Chika Uehara, Misae Tamaki and Mariko Kawano;
  • in Monaco, Annick Bord;
  • in the Netherlands, Ria van Hoof-Kentgens;
  • in Northern Ireland, Lorraine Brill and Marguarita Devlin;
  • in Spain, Marta Ventura Monso;
  • and in the USA, Stacy Lee Barden, Nancy Heffernan, Christiane Weber and Kris Lecakes-Haley.

There are now 1,074 practitioners on the register.

This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.