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News on registration renewal fees

The renewal fee that practitioners pay every year helps to pay for this Bulletin and for the other services offered to practitioners by the Centre.

Those of you who have been on the register for long enough will know that the last increase in the renewal fee was on 1st January 1999. This year, for the fourth year running, we are happy to announce that there will once again be no increase in the fee.

From this month, however, we will make a small change to the arrangements that apply to those of you who pay your registration renewal fee direct to the Centre.

When you next receive your renewal reminder you will have the option to either pay for one year’s renewal or pay in advance for the next three years. Over time this should reduce the amount of administration involved in collecting these payments and so help keep the Centre’s costs down. And of course, if you do pay the three-year fee you are guaranteed that you will pay this year’s fee for at least the next three years.

Note that practitioners who pay their renewal fees through local offices are not affected by this change.

News on Continuing Professional Development forms

A few practitioners have been sending in their renewal forms with a note attached saying that the CPD form will follow at some time in the future. We would like to remind all practitioners who want to be listed for referrals that the CPD form mustbe sent in at the same time as the renewal form, otherwise you may not be listed for referrals until the CPD arrives.

The Distance Learning Programme

As you know the Distance Learning Programme (DLP for short) is the Centre’s own Level 1 correspondence course. Since its launch in January 2000 we have enrolled nearly a thousand students from around the world, many of whom have gone on to do levels 2 and 3 and from there have been accepted onto the International Register.

It’s some time since we announced that the DLP had been translated into Italian. At that time we said that we hoped this would be the first of many translations into other languages.

We’re pleased therefore to announce that the DLP is currently available in English, Italian, French and Danish, and that there is also an equivalent course in Japanese. For details see the web site – and we hope to add more languages to the list soon!

Your letters

We want you to use this Bulletin to keep in touch with each other. If anything wonderful, funny, interesting or just plain typical has happened to you in your work with the remedies, or if there are any questions that have been nagging away at you, or if you simply want to say hello, please write to us at the Bach Centre, marking your letter clearly as being ‘FOR PUBLICATION’.

We can’t promise to print every letter in the Bulletin, but even if we don’t use your contribution we always love to hear from you.

We have 2 goldfish, Finley and Finelope. Friday morning Finley was floating sideways. My girls forgot to mention it on the way to school, so I did not discover him until 9. He was looking pretty bad, barely breathing and still sideways.

So I scooped him out into some fresh water with some crisis formula in it and TADA! he came back to life.

Sunday, Finley was in an even WORSE state. My 13 year old said “Mom, just throw him in the toilet. He’s dead. It’s just a goldfish, mom.”

Once again, I scooped him into some rescue-laden water. He responded, barely, with a few wiggles. I kept checking on him every 10 minutes. It didn’t look very promising and I was wondering if Finelope would be lonely without him.

A full 2 hours later, he was swimming a bit, but it was sideways and upside down. His eyes were bulging (yes, even more than usual). He looked really disoriented and dizzy, like he couldn’t figure out which end was up. So I put 2 drops of Scleranthus in his bowl. Within a few minutes he straightened out.

I am pleased to report that Finley is back home with Finelope today, and swimming really fast.

Even though I’ve been using the essences for 20 years, every time I have one of these experiences, I am truly amazed.

Nancy Buono BFRP, USA

Quería contarle como van los avances de nuestro proyecto de Asociación de practitioner en Argentina.

Estamos reuniéndonos periódicamente con algunos practitioners recibidos y armando trabajo, en beneficio de todos. Ya hicimos una nueva publicación que estará en vigencia por tres meses, en una revista del país.

Nuestro próximo paso es el registro del nombre “ASOCIACION ARGENTINA DE PRACTITIONER” para luego registrar la Asociación.

También comenzamos a coordinar esfuerzo, convocando a estudiantes que por diversos motivos han quedado en el camino y no han concluido sus estudios, en las sucesivas reuniones daremos apoyo a quienes desean continuar y les falta motivación, estudio, practica, armado de trabajos o simplemente no han comprendido las consignas.

Estamos comenzando a armar charlas educativas a la sociedad, donde poder explicar el rol del Practitioner y las flores de Bach como sistema de trabajo terapéutico.

Estamos en la búsqueda de un lugar físico, para que pueda comenzar a funcionar el consultorio rotativo, con aranceles al alcance de todos, y una dinámica de atención que le permita trabajo a todos los practitioners.

Como vera estamos trabajando mucho en la creación de este espacio, que deseamos sea un referente, para todos los que confiamos en el trabajo tan magnifico que fue la obra del Dr. Bach.

De alguna manera intentamos emular lo que el Dr. pensó para nuestra época: una medicina natural al alcance de todos.

Sin más lo saludo muy afectuosamente, y le doy las gracias por su apoyo.

Paula Cabanchik BFRP, Argentina.

I would like to say hello and congratulations to everyone who has become a practitioner after starting their training with the Distance Learning Programme, and in particular to those of you who sent your work to me. I hope you are all well and happy!

Sandra-Elizabeth Ross BFRP, UK

I am in receipt of the Practitioner Bulletin no. 47 and had to write and register my heartfelt appreciation to George Hollis for his beautiful poem ‘The Healing Practitioner’. I feel he has captured totally the wonder, simplicity and thankfulness that we, as privileged practitioners, feel about the remedies and their wonderful healing energies.

Thank you for sharing the poem with us all. It touched my heart in its truthfulness and beauty.

Kit Keetch BFRP, UK

There’s another poem on the back page… this one anonymous.

OK, remember the story of Finley and Finelope? Well, this Saturday night, 6 days later, we found our previously revived Mr Finley on the bottom of the tank. Pretty grim, huh?

Well, I figured he would die soon and put him in his own little jar again with Rescueand Scleranthus (he was very sideways). 24 hours later, he still looked the same, no swimming, just lying on the bottom of the jar. But still breathing lightly. (My son wanted to put him in the garbage disposal, but c’mon now, that’s really sick!) So we tried 2 drops of Gorse Sunday night, for hopelessness, and went to bed.

Here is a photo of Finley on Monday. Yup. He is eating and swimming again.

Nancy Buono BFRP, USA

Welcome to…

Since the last (January 2003) issue was prepared, 64 new practitioners have joined the register:

  • in Australia, Maxine Gray;
  • in Belgium, Hilde De Leeuw, Viviane Laenen and Lieve Van Lantschoot;
  • in Brazil, Solange De Sa Rebello;
  • in Canada, Elaine Codling;
  • in Denmark, Bolette Mikkelsen and Lars Borup;
  • in England, April Hall, Anne-Marie Vila-Olmos, Angie Lock, Margaret Marsh, Anne Gallagher, Denny Mackenzie, Penny Ferguson, Anne Baker, Katharine Raggett, Diane Jones, Nicola Edwards, Marie Scott, Debbie Hodgkiss and Caroline Tall;
  • in France, France Dubuy, Annette Pautasso, Cecile Givernet, Josiane Fardeau, Josiane Sartori, Laurence Garnier, Fabienne Brun-Lafferrere, Veronique Vacelet and Marie-Jose Regis;
  • in Ireland, Utta Wassmer, Deirdre Barrett, Mary Lalor and Maureen Cusack;
  • in Italy, Nathalie Aurouze;
  • in Japan, Fumihiko Kimura, Chiharu Takahashi and Miyuki Sanada;
  • in Mexico, Bella Hamui de Sutton;
  • in Monaco, Daniele Massobrio-Macchi;
  • in the Netherlands, Hans Koolen-Gielen;
  • in Nigeria, Elizabeth Ejoh;
  • in Romania, Claudia Cabat;
  • in Scotland, Carole Wilson and Liz Laird;
  • in Spain, Judith Gordillo Resina, Juan García Padrón, Ignacio Gonzalez Segura, Pilar Martin-Lorente Rivera, Julia Nogueira Soriano, Maria Antonia Sendino, Enrike Bilbao Zalbidea, Rosario de Cuenca Esteban, Enric Homedes Bea and Carme Roig Solsona;
  • and in the U.S.A., Isabelle Mackiewicz-Elden, Christina Eckhoff, Norm Nyburg, Tim Stryker, Denise Eaton, Stacey Davidson and Dya Kaur Khalsa.

There are now 1,254 practitioners on the register.


Some things that some of us need to learn –
Big words for big people
Like differentiation and calculus
And geography physical and political
And economics and commerce,
And the sciences, physical, biological, chemical,
Psychological, sociological –
Some of these things are
Easy –
For some of us –
And given enough time and effort they are
For most of us.
This proves their ease:
That we only need to learn them once
And that people like us can teach us,
Pouring their thoughts like molten lead –
Drip drip –
To set in our heads.

We find other things more difficult.
Love, for example, and gratitude,
Kindness, concern and patience,
Giving to others, caring,
Laughter, and living for today
Must be difficult
Because we need to learn them
And learn them again
And again
A hundred times a day.
A million times a year.
They just won’t set.

Who can teach us these difficult things?
Who can drip honey into our hearts
And drip it again and again
Each time it runs away?

Children –
Children are the best teachers of difficult things.
They know that for big people
The hardest things to learn are simple things.
They have patience with us.
They teach by example.


This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.