Practitioner Bulletin no. 5, December 1993

It hardly seems a year ago when we sent out the last December Bulletin, but here we are again – another twelve months have elapsed!

1993 has been a very busy year for us here – we have been running the Practitioner Courses as usual, making the tinctures etc., but have also been involved in the making of a NEW video (which should be out early next year). This time it is a conversational and practical video, describing the subtle differences between certain remedies, the finer uses of them etc., so we hope it will be well received.

Whilst on the subject of videos, we have received one or two complaints about the music on the last one. You will be pleased to know that the sound-track has since been altered. The music is the same but the sound level has been adjusted so that it drops of when the commentary begins. This makes it much less intrusive, and this new version should be available shortly. We also took the opportunity of arranging for the inclusion of a small cine film snippet that John had taken of Nora and Victor back in the 1970’s, so there is now some lovely live film of them both – and Wumps!

November and December have been quite busy too because in addition to the Healing Arts Exhibition in London which took place on the 2nd-5th December, John and I (Judy) went over to Brazil! It was literally a flying visit – there and back in three days! – but it was a wonderful experience. The distributions office in Sao Paulo had arranged for a big Congress to take place for all those interested in Dr. Bach’s work, and we were invited to open the event and take part in a questions & answers session. lt took place in a beautiful resort up in the mountains, about 2-3 hours drive from Sao Paulo itself, and the whole hotel complex was exclusively ”Bach”. People came from all over South America – about 500 people were there altogether.

The interest is quite overwhelming, and it was so refreshing to be amongst such genuine enthusiasm! It was most certainly a weekend to remember, and in the middle of winter, it came at just the right time!

Practitioner queries

We have accumulated various comments and queries, and thought that we would answer them collectively so that you all have the benefit of the information.

Helen from Reading suggested that perhaps a space could be allocated on the leaflet so that individual practitioners could insert their own details for the benefit of clients. This is an excellent idea in principle, but unfortunately we feel it would lend itself to everyone using it for this purpose, and it would not be appropriate for non-registered practitioners because it would imply an association that does not exist. What we would suggest instead, therefore, is that you simply attach a card or your address sticker to the leaflet for the benefit of your clients.

We have had several requests for “refresher days” – follow-up seminars for practitioners. This is another excellent idea and something we have been considering for a while, but unfortunately have not yet had the time to organise! However, we are hoping that maybe next year we may be in a position to invite you back to Mount Vernon. This would enable you to meet up with friends from your courses and to discuss any problems you might have encountered, difficult cases, and raise any queries that you may have accumulated since we last say you. We cannot guarantee that it will be next year, but… watch this space! Hopefully something will materialise soon!

Reference cards

You may have noticed that we now have a set of reference cards available. These consist of one each of the 38 flower remedy pictures (water colours) plus a multi-flower picture for the emergency formula, and containing remedy indications, positive benefits and other snippets of information on the back. They make a useful quick reference set for the desk, and some practitioners find it helpful to show their client a picture of the plants that are being used in the treatment. So far, they have been very well received. If any of you are interested, they are available through Abingdon as with other items, subject to your usual practitioner discount.

Christmas cheer?

We were recently asked which remedies would help people at Christmas time. Quite a wide question because, like everything, Christmas affects different people in different ways. For some, it is a miserable time of year, may bring back unhappy or sad memories (Honeysuckle); it may be very lonely or depressing; some may look forward to it with excitement and relish; others may try to have a good time and join in with the “good cheer” that is expected of them, but secretly count the days until it is all over and things can resume to normal once more.

In whatever way Christmas affects you, there will be a remedy to deal with it, and with the turmoil that goes on and the stress that it can cause, the remedies offer a gentle way of coping. Here are some suggestions:

  • Rushing around, trying to do all the last-minute jobs, and feeling irritated with everyone and everything? IMPATIENS
  • Feeling under pressure, unable to cope? ELM
  • People getting on your nerves? Children under your feet? Niggly with everyone? BEECH
  • Worried about the expense? WHITE CHESTNUT
  • Hiding all the stress and strain behind a mask of cheerfulness? AGRIMONY
  • Depressed for no reason at all? MUSTARD
  • Unable to enjoy it because you cannot wait for January 2nd when all the festivities are over? CLEMATIS

Then… HORNBEAM if you cannot bear the thought of clearing up, CRAB APPLE if you feel disgusted with yourself for having over-indulged, and OLIVE for sheet exhaustion!

And last but not least, if you tend to go through the above pattern year after year… CHESTNUT BUD!!

New Practitioners

We have registered 25 practitioners since the last Bulletin and listing was sent out, and we also have been informed of several changes in telephone numbers etc. Rather than list all the changes and additions here, we have enclosed an up-to-date Practitioner List which replaces anything sent to you previously.

Our new practitioners are: Anne Edwards, Nicola Sutton, Mary Halsall, Tracy Claydon, Jessica Searl, Elaine Shillitoe, Sylvia Spence, Marjorie Wilkie, Derek Leitch, Ann Witt, Pat Swann, Ann Sexton, Michael Snuggs, Cynthia Prior, Maggie Fillingham, Jacqueline Covo, Roslyn Cummins, Kaye Davis, Julie Ryder, Margaret Cornwall, Charles Callis, Noelle Mogridge, Noirin Coakley, Lesley Jepps, John Munkley.

Congratulations to you all!

And finally…

Have a very happy Christmas, and may we wish you all a peaceful, healthy and rewarding New Year.


This archive material has been edited to remove some out-of-date advice and information.