Celebrating Dr Edward Bach On His Birthday

Today we celebrate the Birthday of Dr Edward Bach

Join us as we celebrate Dr Edward Bach on his birthday. Dr Bach was born in on the 24th September 1886 and today marks his 134th birthday. Therefore please join us as we raise a glass to him.  

As a ‘birthday gift’ we are pleased to announce that we are offering a 20% Discount Code: Bach20% on Dr Bach’s book ‘Essential Writings of Dr Edward Bach’ which combines the two books ‘Twelve Healers & Other Remedies’ and ‘Heal Thyself’. This, we hope, can allow Dr Bach’s message to be shared on his birthday.

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Dr Edward Bach

Dr Bach passed away in 1936 at only 50-years-old. At this point he had declared his work to be a complete and simple system, burning his previous notes and theories, which he referred to as scaffolding, and writing the final edition of the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies describing the finished system of 38 flower remedies. Here at the Bach Centre, we continue to uphold and teach his philosophy and simple methods, which encompasses the incredible healing power of the remedies.