BFRP logo no frame transparentTo find practitioners who specialise in the care of animals see the separate list of Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioners (BFRAPs).

Practitioners registered with the Bach Centre are known as Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners. They use the letters ‘BFRP’ after their name.

Most BFRPs offer face-to-face consultations; many also offer consultations remotely via Zoom or phone calls etc.

  • To search for a particular person, type in the surname, or the first name.
  • To find somebody near you, search for the name of your town; or the name of your local area or country.
  • Search for the name of your language to find people who speak it.
  • Some people may have listed the name of their country or language in English; others may have used their mother tongue. If one doesn't work, try the other.

BFRPs and BFRAPs hold a certificate of registration issued by the Bach Centre. They can use our ‘Bach Foundation’ logo on their advertising and business cards.

BFRPs and BFRAPs follow the Bach Centre’s Code of Practice which includes a full complaints procedure.