Advice for North America

Option 1: work with existing trainers

You can contact potential trainers and invite them to teach for you. Just search for course providers in your country. Where there are none, look for somebody in a neighbouring country or a country where the same language is spoken.

Inviting one or more existing trainers to teach courses for you is by far the simplest and quickest way to offer Bach Centre-approved courses.

Option 2: contact BIEP

Operating outside Europe, the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) is an established provider of Bach Centre-approved education.

BIEP is sponsored by the remedy-making company Nelsons, but the education it offers is generic and applies equally to users of any brand of the 38 remedies.

BIEP has a long experience of working with partner organisations in host countries to set up Bach Centre-approved courses. To see if your institution and BIEP could work together contact

Option 3: contact a trainer in France

If you operate in a French-speaking part of Canada you can also invite a trainer from France. French trainers have been authorised to get involved with education in Canada should the opportunity arise.

These solutions don’t work for my institution…