Apply for course approval

Where other solutions don’t work the Bach Centre will consider approving your own existing or newly-created courses.
Where necessary approval could involve the training and licensing of new teachers.
To be considered, you need to tell us what solutions you are offering for each of the relevant course approval criteria.
For example, if you wanted to offer an approved introductory Level 1 course you would:
    1. Download the course approval criteria for Level 1
    2. For each of the “Minimum standards” in Sections 1 to 8 of the criteria write a short paragraph explaining either:
      • how you already meet this standard, or
      • what you propose to do to meet this standard, or
      • why this standard should not fully apply in your case
    3. Attach a covering note explaining why you believe the Centre should give priority to approving your courses
    4. Contact the Bach Centre and send us the above documents along with copies of manuals, materials, handouts, exercises, reading lists etc. to support your application

What happens after you send an application?

Your application will be acknowledged, normally within two weeks.

It will be circulated for comment to any education partners who might be affected by a decision to approve your courses.

As the course approving body, the Centre alone will make the final decision, which will be based on the overall interest of education provision in the country concerned. We may ask you for further information before reaching a decision.

A decision can take up to four months.

Should we agree to approve your courses we might attach conditions to that approval, including a probationary period and geographic limits. Depending on the size and scope of the training offered, institutions whose courses are approved may be liable to pay an annual registration fee to the Bach Centre.