Bach Foundation Teachers Programme L3

BFTP3 is a three-and-a-half-day course for existing Level 2 trainers who want to teach Bach Centre-approved Level 3 courses.

BFTP3 aims to explore the design and facilitation of a Level 3 course, and to encourage your personal and professional development as a Bach teacher.

By the time you leave you will be in a position to create your own Level 3 course which you will send for approval to the Bach Centre.

The course at Mount Vernon, which is taught in English, is run by Tessa Jordan BFRP. Total cost for the three and a half days and the subsequent approval process will be £870 (includes UK VAT). You don’t need to pay anything until you are offered a place.

BFTP3 can also be taught in other countries and languages, with an interpreter when necessary. Contact us if you have a group of Level 2 trainers who are interested in that possibility.

Step 1: check that you are eligible for BFTP3

In our course approval criteria for Level 3 we specify that new Level 3 teachers should already have:

  • Six years’ experience of using the remedies in line with the Code of Practice
  • Four years’ experience of helping other people select remedies
  • Experience of teaching at least five Bach Centre-approved Level 2 courses

Other key factors when deciding to accept a candidate for BFTP3 teacher-training include:

  • Feedback received from students, teachers and other professionals
  • How successful the candidate has been at building good relationships with students, other trainers, BFRPs and others
  • The candidate’s ability to market courses and find students
  • The candidate’s registration record with the Centre and commitment to the Code
  • The overall suitability of the candidate
  • Whether more Level 3 trainers are needed in the area
  • The overall best interests of education provision in the area

BFTP3 is designed principally for Level 2 teachers who are licensed direct by the Bach Centre and/or for people who don’t have ready access to alternative teacher training.

If your Level 2 licence comes from a third-party course provider, and/or you are affiliated to a provider of Bach Centre-approved courses that offers teacher training, contact that organisation first before you consider applying here.

And if you haven’t done so already, check what teacher training is already available in your country before going any further:

Step 2: send us an application form

Entry to the course taught in English at Mount Vernon is via an application form.

Level 3 trainers even more than those at Level 1 and 2 are expected to model an open and collaborative approach to practice with the system, and in their teaching, and in their relationships with colleagues.

Bear in mind before applying that The Centre might on rare occasions decide to restrict or revoke the Level 1 licence of a Level 3 trainer if we believed that to be in the best overall interest of education and educators in an area.