Bach Foundation Teachers Programmes

The Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation Teachers Programmes (BFTPs for short) are our way of preparing Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs) to teach one of the three core approved courses.

  1. BFTP1 is for BFRPs who aspire to teach Level 1
  2. BFTP2 is for existing Level 1 teachers who aspire to teach Level 2
  3. BFTP3 is for existing Level 2 teachers who aspire to teach Level 3

The three programmes all run regularly, in English, at the Centre in the UK. In addition trainers deliver BFTP courses to groups of suitably qualified practitioners in other countries, with the help of interpreters when necessary. The courses are also offered online, using a mix of online workshops, mentoring and assessment.

Before you apply for a place on one of these courses please work through our teaching advice pages so that you can be sure you are eligible, and to see what other teacher training options might exist near you.