Next step: become a BFRP

BFRP logo no frame transparentBach Centre-approved courses have to follow our course approval criteria.

The Bach Centre exists to continue Dr Bach’s own approach to the system, so some of the approval criteria concern the integrity and simplicity of the system.

Everyone who teaches needs to have studied and promised to work with the original method as Dr Bach left it.

We also feel that teachers of approved courses should have first-hand experience of studying each of the levels.

For those reasons teachers of Bach Centre-approved courses have to be current Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs).

How to become a BFRP…

After completing the courses and being accepted onto the Register you would need further training before you could be licensed as a teacher.

We can’t guarantee in advance that you will be offered teacher training, nor can we guarantee that after training you will be given a licence to teach.

We advise you not to proceed therefore if your only aim in joining the Register is to teach approved courses.

To see what the current arrangements are for training BFRPs to be teachers, tell us the name of the country in which you hope to teach.