Next step: contact your institution

The normal requirements for a trainer of trainers include:

  • Several years’ experience teaching all three levels of the core programme
  • A proven ability to manage and facilitate different-sized classes including one-to-one and groups of more than 12
  • A continuous record of having been registered as a practitioner with the Bach Centre for at least six years
  • Consistently excellent feedback from students and colleagues
  • A record of having communicated positively and well with fellow trainers, BFRPs, coordinators, students and others
  • Ideally, existing experience of training future trainers gained in some other context

In addition, there must be an identified need for a new trainer of trainers either in your country or in your language.

As far as the Centre’s own BFTP1, BFTP2 and BFTP3 programmes for training trainers are concerned, The Bach Centre doesn’t accept applications from trainers to teach these courses. Instead we review the situation from time to time and choose who to invite when we judge that we need more people.

Criteria when deciding who to invite will include consistent prompt and clear communication with trainers and students and this Centre; a good reputation when it comes to working openly and collaboratively with others; feedback from students; and commitment to the Code and the system.

If you are teaching Level 3 under the auspices of another institution, such as BIEP or a national school, and feel you meet this standard, contact that institution and explain what you would like to do.