Next steps: check your eligibility

In our course approval criteria for Level 3 we specify that new Level 3 teachers should already have:

  • Six years’ experience of using the remedies in line with the Code of Practice
  • Four years’ experience of helping other people select remedies
  • Experience of teaching at least five Bach Centre-approved Level 2 courses

Other key factors when deciding to accept a candidate for Level 3 teacher-training include:

  • Feedback received from students, teachers and other professionals
  • How well the candidate has communicated and co-operated with students, trainers, BFRPs and others
  • The candidate’s registration record with the Centre and commitment to the Code
  • The overall suitability of the candidate
  • The overall best interests of education provision in the area

If you feel you can meet those criteria, prepare a written application and email it to the institution that coordinates your teaching.

For some of you this will be the organisation that provided the teaching materials you use; for others it might be the Bach Centre itself.

If your coordinating organisation is The Bach Centre, see the page on our Level 3 teacher training programme, BFTP3

If another organisation coordinates your Level 2 teaching, send your initial application direct to that organisation. You might still be eligible for BFTP3 training where there is little or no regular teacher training, but that will after discussion with the coordinating organisation. Your application should cover:

  • How long and in what contexts you have been working with the remedies
  • Your teaching qualifications and experience, especially as regards Level 2
  • Your experience of teaching smaller and larger groups of students
  • The number of Level 2 courses you have taught, and the number of students who have been on those courses
  • Details of your current knowledge of Level 3 (courses attended or observed, reflections on the course etc.)
  • Your thoughts on the main differences between teaching Level 2 and teaching Level 3
  • Why you think you would make a good Level 3 teacher
  • Where you would like to teach Level 3 (names of cities, regions etc.)
  • Why you believe there is a need for a new Level 3 teacher in those locations
  • Any other information you feel is relevant

Before sending an application, we strongly recommend that you read the course approval criteria for Level 3.

What happens after you send an application?

Your application will be acknowledged, normally within a week, and will be circulated for comment to education partners in your region.

A decision can take up to four months, and will be based partly on your suitability and partly on the overall best interests of education provision in your area. Matters considered will include your potential as a Level 3 trainer, how successful you have been at building good relationships with students and other trainers and attracting students, and whether more Level 3 trainers are needed in your area.

If your application is accepted you may have to wait for a suitable training opportunity. You may be asked to fund all or part of your training, which could include travel outside your country.