Introduction to Education

Approved courses

The Bach Centre’s main focus is education. As well as hosting courses at Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire, we approve courses run by independent providers in more than 40 different countries.

Use this tool to find approved courses and licensed trainers near you:

All Bach Centre-approved courses teach the original simple method used by Dr. Bach. We recommend an approved course whether you want to become a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), or just want the best possible training.

There are three core levels of training. Students who aspire to join our Register must complete them in 1-2-3 order. This ensures all practitioners have the same solid grounding in the system.

Level 1

Level 1 covers the basics, including the indications for each remedy. It introduces fundamental concepts such as simplicity, the importance of personal selection, and the seven groups, and gives students the skills and confidence to use the remedies in their own lives and with family and friends.

Level 1 is a required foundation course for people who want to attend one of the higher levels. You can study Level 1 in a classroom or by following a Distance Learning Programme.

Level 2

On Level 2 you will develop your understanding of Dr Bach’s system and its approach to well-being. You will study the fine differences between similar remedies, look at type remedies, and explore some of the underlying philosophy.

Level 2 is a classroom-based course; and from 2020 there is an Distance Learning Programme version also. Both versions involve sharing time with other students and practising your skills together. It aims to give you all the remedy knowledge you need in order to move on to practitioner-level training, if you wish.

Level 3

Level 3 is for people who want to work professionally with the remedies. As such, it includes opportunities to learn, enhance and practice consultation and listening skills.

Level 3 is a classroom-based course with a lot of group-work, and is the only level that is formally assessed: there is a written paper on the last day of the course, followed by a period of home study in which you complete further tasks including, at the end, preparing case studies to show that you are a competent practitioner.

Successful completion of the Level 3 assessments, within 18 months of the Level 3 beginning, will give you the opportunity to apply to join the Bach Centre’s International Register of Practitioners.

Approved continuing education

Beyond Level 3, BC-ACE is a programme of Bach Centre-approved continuing education events aimed at Level 3 students, practitioners and other experienced users.

Informal learning

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners run informal events in many countries. And for people visiting the Bach Centre, we can arrange bespoke half-day seminars for groups of between 6 and 16.

Dr. Bach created his system with self-help in mind. The simplest way to start learning is to read the recommended books. You can also book a consultation with a local BFRP who will help you select some remedies and teach you to use the system for yourself.