BFTP2: applying for a place

We strongly recommend that you read the course approval criteria for Level 2.

Next course: 21 to 23 April 2020 at the Bach Centre

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    Your name

    Practitioner number (PIN) as shown on your Certificate of Registration:


    What is your relationship with the remedies and how long have you been using them?

    Thinking about your work as a BFRP, how would you characterise your practice and the clients who come to see you?

    What do you feel are the key qualities and skills that an effective BFRP needs to have?

    What teaching qualifications do you possess and how much teaching have you done, particularly in relation to Bach Centre-approved Level 1 courses? How many students have come to each of your Level 1 courses?

    Reflecting on your experiences of teaching Level 1, what have you learned from those experiences?

    List the places where you have experienced a Level 2 course in the past, whether as a student or observer:

    Reflecting on your experiences of Level 2 as a student and as an observer, what thoughts and feelings do you have about Level 2?

    How would you define the role of a Level 2 trainer?

    From a teaching perspective, what do you think are the key differences between Level 1 and Level 2?

    What qualities and strengths would you bring to the role of Level 2 teacher?

    What do you feel may be personally and/or professionally challenging for you as a Level 2 teacher?

    In which cities or regions would you like to teach Level 2?

    What makes you feel there is a need for a new Level 2 teacher in those locations?

    Please add any further comments that you feel are relevant to your application:

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