Level 3

Level 3 at the Bach Centre

About the courseBach Foundation

The Centre’s own Level 3 course is constructed in three parts:

  • Part one is an intensive four-day course at the Bach Centre in England, taught by Lynn Macwhinnie BFRP, who is one of the most experienced Level 3 trainers in the world. On the fourth day you complete a written assessment, which you need to pass to move on to part two of the course.*
  • Part two comprises a second written assessment completed at home, successful completion of which allows you to go on to part three of the course.
  • Part three consists of a period of three months’ practice in your own working environment, during which time you will make practical use of your theoretical knowledge. You will be required to write up three in-depth case studies and complete an extended essay.
    In total the course usually takes about 6 months to complete; but you have up to a maximum of 18 months if you need it.

Please note that we recommend you leave at least two months between Level 1 and 2 or between Level 2 and 3 (unless you have taken Level 1 as a DLP as this includes 2 month period by default) in order to give yourself enough time to absorb thoroughly the indications for all 38 remedies, the nuances of their uses, their application and the system generally so that you are ready for the demands required on Level 3 and the written assessment.

*You can retake assessments to achieve a pass for as long as you are within the 18 month period. Alternatively, you can choose to delay the start of the assessment process for up to 18 months.

The fee includes UK VAT.  Course bookings can’t be reserved or confirmed until you pay the course fee. Paying the fee doesn’t automatically guarantee a place on a course: a place is not confirmed until we confirm it.

Terms of cancellation: Your statutory rights entitle you to a full refund if we receive notification from you in writing that you wish to cancel within 14 days of a confirmed booking. Thereafter a cancellation fee of £160 will apply if you cancel up to 42 days before the course commences, or £300 between 28-42 days, or £450 between 14-28 days of the course commencement. No refund will be made if you cancel within 14 days of the course start date, including the start date, or once the course has begun.

If we cancel a course before the course start date, we will make a full refund of the course fee.  However, please note you are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance against cancellation if your travel costs are likely to be substantial.