Distance Learning Programmes

The Bach Centre’s Distance Learning Programmes – DLPs for short – give you a way to study Dr Bach’s system on certificated courses, in your own time and at your own pace. You can sign up from anywhere in the world and start whenever you want.

DLPs are a good solution for people unable to travel, or where there are no local trainers offering Bach Centre-approved courses. They are also a good fit for people who prefer a more reflective approach to learning.

DLP certificates are valid for entry to the next level of training, wherever in the world you choose to do that, and whichever provider you choose, in exactly the same way as certificates issued after classroom courses.

We have offered Level 1 DLPs successfully for many years, and the course is available in many languages. The Level 1 DLP comprises five lessons, text books, and input from a Bach Foundation Registrered Practitioner who will read through and comment on each lesson you finish. Work is sent and returned by email.

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In 2020 we launched a Level 2 DLP. A mix of videos, online group sessions, real-life experiences, reading materials and a personal Dossier that you complete and which guides you through everything, this is a rounded and thorough way to achieve your Level 2 certificate.

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You can only sign up for the Level 2 DLP if you already have a Level 1 certificate.

In 2021 we launch our new Level 3 DLP. It includes seven sessions online with a set group of students and a trainer; one-on-one sessions with the trainer and an assessor; observed consultations; videos; real-life activities; a personalised assessment process; downloads; and a full course manual and personal Dossier. We believe ours is the first truly comprehensive and rigorous approach to training Bach professionals online. Successful completion of this course within the 18 months allowed will give students the opportunity to apply to join the Bach Centre’s International Register.

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Note that you must complete Level 2 before you start Level 3.

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