Level 2 Distance Learning Programme

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Introduction to the course

The Level 2 Distance Learning Programme (L2 DLP for short) is an advanced course on Dr Bach’s system. It follows on from Level 1 (which you must attend before starting this course), and seeks to give you more understanding and experience of the system.

The L2 DLP has six main elements:

  1. A course guide that sets tasks, asks questions, and organizes the course for you
  2. A Dossier where you write your answers to questions, reflect on experiences etc.
  3. Online videos to watch
  4. Written material to download and read
  5. Real-world activities to do at home, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family
  6. Six online real-time sessions with a trainer and a small group of other students, where you can take part in exercises, learn from and share with other students, and raise questions

You will need reliable internet access and a good command of English to take part in the course.

When you take part in the L2 DLP direct with the Bach Centre, you enter an open-ended course that you complete to your own schedule, and where you have the chance to work with different trainers at times that are convenient to you.

The fee and what it covers

The fee for the course is £272 (2022 price). That gives you access to the course guide/Dossier, the written material and the videos; and allows you to participate in each of the six online sessions. You don’t need to pay any more than that to complete the course.

You can cancel your enrolment within 14 days of booking and receive a refund, provided that you haven’t downloaded the Dossier. You will have started the course if you choose to download the Dossier within the 14-day cancellation period, and can no longer claim a refund.

Click to enrol on the Level 2 DLP…

Please create an account when you check out: you will need an account so that you can log back into the site to access the course.

The online sessions

There are six different live online sessions, and you must take part at least once in each of them. Each takes around two hours to complete. Links in the course guide/Dossier tell you how to book.

Authorised Level 2 trainers facilitate the sessions, and you will be working with a small group of five to eleven other students.

You may choose to repeat a session if you feel you need more input or practice on a topic – or want a chance to engage with different students and trainers – or would like to focus on areas that you particularly enjoy. Trainers will charge you an additional £15.50 (2022 price) per session for any that you repeat. For these additional sessions, trainers will have their own cancellation policies in place.

Confidentiality and respect

Some activities in the L2 DLP involve thinking, writing or talking about personal experiences. Learning about our own feelings is a key part of using Dr Bach’s system, but you can and should set your own limits so that you are always comfortable about what you choose to share.

All the trainers running online sessions are BFRPs (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners) and work under the Bach Centre’s Code of Practice.

During online sessions the trainer running the session will remind you and the other students in the group of the need to respect the confidentiality of anything shared with others during the activity.

At the end of the course your completed Dossier will be read by a BFRP specially appointed by the Centre. Once the certificate has been issued we will delete our copy of the completed Dossier.

You yourself should safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of anybody else you interact with during the course. When you help a friend or relative to select remedies, for example, anything that the other person tells you should be heard with respect and not shared outside the limits of the course. And to safeguard the privacy of other students you must not record the online sessions.

Recommended reading

This course is complete in itself, but if you want to explore further the reading lists are a good place to start: the relevant list for this course is “Preparing for Level 2”.

The lists for every level vary according to language. Not everything has been translated and books go in and out of print all the time. If you can’t find a new copy of a particular text you may find a used one in an online bookshop or auction site.

Using remedies on the course

The course assumes that you have access to some at least of the 38 remedies and the traditional emergency mix.

If you don’t have remedies of your own and can’t borrow from a friend, and can’t find them locally, you can order from the Centre’s online shop.

Many BFRPs offer a service whereby they send personal mixes by post – so if you can’t get remedies of your own that could be an alternative.

When you finish

You need to engage with every part of the course in order to complete your Dossier. When you have done everything, you send your Dossier to the Bach Centre. We check it through and send you a Bach Centre Level 2 certificate. All certificates are sent by email.

The Level 2 certificate allows you to enrol on any Bach Centre-approved Level 3 course, anywhere in the world. Completing Level 3 gives you the opportunity to apply to join the Bach Centre’s International Register of Practitioners.

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