Level 3 Distance Learning Programme

The Bach Centre’s Level 3 Distance Learning Programme (L3 DLP) is a multi-strand course that aims to give you a fully rounded training in working as a professional with Dr Bach’s system. It comprises the following elements:

  • Seven weekly live online seminars via Zoom, led by a licensed trainer, with a small group of other students
  • Two one-on-one online sessions with your trainer to give you detailed feedback and help with your work
  • An online course manual, which helps prepare you for the online sessions and guides you through background reading and learning
  • Dossier that you save to your computer via a link in the course manual, and where you answer questions and reflect on your learning
  • Videos to watch and respond to – there are links in the course manual
  • Written material to download and read
  • Real-world activities to do at home, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family
  • A personalised assessment process including an oral assessment live on Zoom and a real-life consultation, which will be observed by an experienced practitioner

You will need internet access and the ability to download and type into a word processing document. You will also need a good command of English.

You must complete Bach Centre-approved Level 1 and Level 2 courses before starting work on Level 3

Level 3 is an assessed course and includes deadlines. You will be asked to complete your work with the trainer within six weeks of the last of the seven weekly online group sessions. You then need to complete your Dossier in order to start the assessment process. You are allowed up to two retakes of each of the main two assessments at the end of the course.

You will need to complete the whole course and pass all the assessments within 18 months of the first online session. This is a generous time limit: a committed student could complete the whole course within six months.

Once you complete the course you will be eligible to apply to join the Bach Centre’s International Register.

The L3 DLP in English is organised and administered by local trainers. Here are some upcoming L3 DLPs in English - use the links or emails given to find out more:

2024-06-29L3 DLP - live sessions Saturdays June 29 to Aug 24 @11AM-1:30PM EST. Contact Marjorie for more infoFind out more: info@bachflowersville.com www.bachflowersville.com/events-1/biep-level-3-dlp-practitioner-training-1 +1 786-447-2000
2024-09-28 Sats Sept 28, Oct 5, 19, 26, Nov 2, 16, & 30. Self-study/dossier/study breaks. 9.30 - 11.30 am PSTFind out more: info@bachflowerscanada.com BachFlowersCanada.com 2503313228
2024-11-12Seven sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 1600 to 18.00 (UK time) starting on 12th NovemberFind out more: pansy@vitalwellbeing.net www.vitalwellbeing.net 07836694354
2024-11-30L3 DLP - live sessions Saturdays Nov 30 to Jan 25 @11AM-1:30PM EST. Contact Marjorie for more infoFind out more: info@bachflowersville.com www.bachflowersville.com/events-1/biep-level-3-dlp-practitioner-training-1-1 +1 786-447-2000

The L3 DLP is also available in other languages: including French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For other languages, search for courses in your own country or in another country that speaks the same language, and look for L3 courses where the location is given as “online”.

See the FAQs on Distance Learning for more information