Emotional health for children with Bach flower remedies – 28th & 29th April 2020

Trainer: Edna Dvir BFRP

This workshop aims to give Bach practitioners more tools and insights to help them work with children. Topics to be covered over the two days include:

  • improving communication skills with children
  • understanding and addressing the emotional and physical challenges associated with different stages of childhood
  • converting our knowledge of the Bach remedies into a dialogue that children will understand
  • encouraging children to be willing and aware participants in their own healing process
  • the practicalities of working with children and parents

The workshop is open to BFRPs and students who have attended a Bach Centre-approved Level 2; it is also open to non-BFRPs who have studied the remedies to practitioner level elsewhere. The cost for the two days is £170.

Edna Dvir BFRP BFRAP is an experienced practitioner who is currently Head of the Holistic Psychotherapy Department of the Mayanot Complementary Medicine College in Jerusalem. She has been teaching and lecturing on the remedies for many years.

To find out more and to sign up for the workshop contact edna.dvir@gmail.com

What people said about this course:

“The content was informative and fun. The teaching was very organized with activities which put me in touch with my inner child.”

“I liked the booklet with the PowerPoint presentations and the case studies. I liked the tools and planning that went into setting up this course.”

“Fascinating, fun inspiring and challenging.”

“Edna, your professional background and the rich experience you have made the course very lively and easy to understand.”

“The material was stimulating and very creative.”

“It was a refreshing and warm experience. I am leaving with a head full of ideas and a new-found enthusiasm for my future planes as a practitioner.”