Happy 125th Birthday Nora Weeks

Wishing Dr Bach’s assistant, successor and dear friend, Nora Weeks, a happy 125th birthday.

Nora Weeks, who would have been celebrating her 125th birthday today, was Dr Bach’s strongest advocate of his philosophy and findings.

Dr Bach and Nora Weeks were much before their time in terms of healing, and Nora found Dr Bach’s research and ethos inspiring.

Nora was born in 1896 and trained as a physiotherapist and a radiographer. It was in her radiography that she first met Dr Edward Bach, who at the time was only just beginning to look for alternative ways to healing.

In the book ‘The Story of Mount Vernon, Home of the Bach Flower Remedies’ by Judy Ramsell Howard, it explains that to Nora’s great privilege, Dr Bach asks her travel with him in his search for Nature’s healing remedies:

“During the years which followed they travelled together for miles across the English countryside. It was indeed a wonderful experience for her and she came to know the flowers so well that even as a seedling broke through the soil she would recognise it.”

Nora was with Dr Bach the whole way through his discoveries, and after his passing in 1936, she continued her dedication and staunch mindset that she uphold Dr Bach’s ethos of purity and simplicity of the 38 flower remedies as a complete system.

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*’The Story of Mount Vernon’ by Judy Ramsell Howard is to be republished and will be available to buy again soon.*