Our Level 2 Distance Learning Programme Is Live!

Our new online Level 2 Distance Learning Programme is now live on our website!

We are very pleased to announce the live launch of our Level 2 Distance Learning Programme! The new course offers a variety of information, exercises and mediums to suit a range of learning styles. The mediums, in particular, include videos by Bach Centre Directors and experts, Judy Ramsell Howard and Stefan Ball. 

We are aware that classroom-based courses are not available everywhere, and the Covid-19 pandemic has come with its own restrictions on travel and group activities.  The Level 2 DLP therefore enables students to learn and continue their studies from the comfort of their own homes.

This new course is full of everything you need to know and more, including live online sessions with a tutor to give students the opportunity to ask questions, discuss what they have learnt and experience the interaction and spirit of a classroom dynamic. There is also an all-inclusive and thorough printable dossier to work through, while you continue with the various steps online.

The Level 2 DLP is available to anyone who has completed a Bach Centre approved Level 1 course, and although only available in English at present, it will be rolled out into other languages as soon as possible.

A lot of time, dedication, thought and effort has gone into making the Bach Centre’s Level 2 Distance Learning Programme and we hope that you all enjoy it as much as we did producing it.

Creating the Level 2 Distance Learning Programme

A big thanks to the Bach Centre team for creating the new Level 2 DLP, with special mention to Stefan Ball for his work on the Dossier and for everything else under the surface, George Annice for creating the online programme visuals, Fay Howard for shooting and editing the videos and to Judy Ramsell Howard and Stefan Ball for sharing their extensive personal knowledge and insight into Dr Bach, the 38 flower remedy system and its history.