Check your BFRP status

To start, type your practitioner number (PIN) into the box and click the Find button. Your practitioner number is on your Certificate of Registration.

The format must be ABC-9999-9999A - i.e. three letters, hyphen, four numbers, hyphen, four numbers, one letter.

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Your BFRP status: XX
Renewal due (year-month-day): 0000-00-00
Data protection status: 0
Registration fees waived?: 0

What does it all mean?

BFRP status

  • RP means you are registered and your contact information is listed for referrals
  • SP means you are registered but not listed for referrals; this is probably because you didn't confirm you are engaged in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) the last time you re-registered; if you are engaged in CPD and want to be listed for referrals just contact us and tell us
  • XX means you are no longer on the Register; this is probably because you didn't renew your registration when asked to do so; you can rejoin now if you wish

Renewal date

  • This is the date that you are or were due to renew your registration
  • The Centre issues renewal reminders in September and November each year
  • Reminders go to everyone whose renewal date falls between 1st April of the present year and 31st March of next year
  • Some practitioners receive reminders after their renewal date, some before
  • If your reminder arrives after your renewal date, please renew as soon as you can
  • If your reminder is early you can renew anytime up to your renewal date
  • We work this way to reduce the administrative burden of collecting renewal fees; that in turn means we can charge you less
  • You don't have to wait for a reminder to renew; if you renew early the full number of years you pay for will be added to your current date
  • Failure to renew in a timely manner means you will be removed from the Register

Data protection status

  • '1' means you have told the Bach Centre not to pass your contact information to third parties who may publish referral lists of their own or offer services to BFRPs, e.g. Bach education people, distributors etc.
  • '0' means you have given us permission to share your information (NOTE: we do not sell your data and we are very careful who we share it with)
  • If your BFRP status as above is showing as XX we will not share your data with anybody regardless of what is shown here

Registration fees waived

  • '1' means renewal fees have been waived permanently; usually this is because you are 65 or over and are not doing any paid work involving the remedies
  • '0' means a renewal fee is due on the date shown
Contact us if you think there has been an error

If you sent us a renewal or a change of status request recently we may not have had time to process your request. Before contacting us please wait another week and check your status again. Thank you!