FAQs on registration renewal

FAQs on administration

When will I be asked to renew my registration?

We will email you and remind you to renew your registration before it comes due. You can check your renewal date at any time in your account.

How do I get a receipt for the renewal fee?

If you renewed on the website you will get a receipt automatically by email. Check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

If you renew by credit card outside the online system, keep a copy of your credit card statement which will show the payment to the Centre.

How do I know my renewal has been received?

If you renewed on the website you will be able to check your renewal date has changed by looking in your account. Allow 24 hours for processing.

If you renew in any other way, check your account after ten days and if the date has not been updated, contact us.

I have been off the register for some time but I would like to go back on. What do I have to do?

It’s easy to rejoin online.

I renewed my registration but my contact information is not on the bachcentre.com referral list. Why not?

It’s up to you to add the contact information you want published. You can do this by logging into your bachcentre.com account and going to your My Profile page. Remember that if you add contact info of any kind – i.e. an email address, website address, or social media link – by doing so you have confirmed that you are actively engaged in Continuing Professional Development. (If you are in the UK, you are also confirming that your Bach practice is insured.)

See our full guide to Continual Professional Development.

Retired BFRPs are not listed at all in the practitioner lists, but can still access BFRP resources, news and information.

Who will read my Continuing Professional Development record?

You only need to send in your log of CPD if we ask you to do so. If you are selected for audit, the person who contacts you will be the person who will read the report you send in. All information is received in confidence.

I don’t want to go on the referral lists. Do I still have to do Continuing Professional Development?

You don’t need to take part in CPD if you don’t want to be listed for referrals. Just delete all the fields on your My Profile page – that will leave your name listed, but nothing else, and will tell us that you are not involved in CPD. If you prefer not to have your name listed, change the first name and surname in your Settings page to initials, or to an alias.

FAQs on retired practitioners

Do I have to pay a renewal fee if I am retired?

The Bach Centre waives re-registration fees for practitioners who are both aged 65 or over and not working professionally with the remedies. Working professionally means receiving money for any activity that involves the remedies, such as seeing paying clients, selling stock or treatment bottles, teaching or lecturing or presenting for money and any other paid activity.

If you are below the age limit or accepting money for something you to with the remedies you still have to pay the renewal fee.

I am over 65 and I don’t do paid work involving the remedies. How do I apply to have the fee waived?

Write to the Centre explaining your situation and ask for the fee to be waived.

Can I be listed for referrals when I am retired?

Retired BFRPs are not listed at all in the practitioner lists, but can still access BFRP resources, news and information. To be listed, you need to renew by paying the registration fee.

I have had my fees waived because of retirement. Will I have to apply again next year?

Once your fee has been waived because of retirement you will not be included in registration renewal mailshots, and you will continue on the register indefinitely.

I retired but now I want to go back into practice. What do I do?

You need to pay the renewal fee in the normal way.

I am not retired. Can the renewal fee be waived under any other circumstances?

If you are going through a financially difficult time we may agree to waive your renewal fee temporarily.

Please write in confidence to Stefan Ball at the Bach Centre. Note that if we waive your fee for economic reasons this will be for a period of one year and you will be expected to renew in the normal way when the next renewal period arrives.