Surprise! Welcome to our new Café, Nora’s Kitchen!

Nora’s Kitchen

Please join us for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat in our new Café, Nora’s Kitchen, at the Bach Centre!

Here at Mount Vernon we are extremely excited to announce the opening of our new Café, Nora’s Kitchen. A project that the staff at the Bach Centre have been working hard on for almost two years and finally, we are delighted to be able to share it with you all.  

Nora’s Kitchen proudly works on an ‘all are welcome’ basis, if you’re visiting the Centre, stopping for a cup of tea during a walk through the village, want to grab a light lunch or are one of our students, please feel free to join us and see what we have to offer! 

We are a Vegetarian cafe and most of our dishes are also Vegan. We are a friendly team who try to cater for everyone, so if you have any food intolerances please just let us know.

During the late Spring and Summer months you will have the choice to sit outside in our new outdoor seating area and soak up the calm surroundings of the Bach Centre’s garden. But don’t forget to visit us at Christmas time too for a more seasonal treat, including our Christmas specials such as some tasty new syrups for your latte, gingerbread men and festive bliss balls to get you quickly in the mood for the holiday season!  

The idea for Nora’s Kitchen began when staff here at the Bach Centre came across Nora Weeks’ own recipe book dating back to the 1940s. Quickly we began trying out Nora’s recipes for ourselves and after creating the first batch of tasty Damson Jam and Quince Jelly, we decided we couldn’t keep her secrets any longer, and so Nora’s Recipe collection was founded and sold in Mount Vernon’s gift shop.  

Following this came the notion to sell food regularly at the Bach Centre, which the staff agreed would not only help to feed students during their courses but also practitioners, visitors and those looking for somewhere to have a bite to eat or a leisurely tea or coffee.

Therefore, we put our heads together and created the idea for the Bach Centre’s first ever Café, Nora’s Kitchen. The consensus at first surrounded Nora’s Recipe book, but staff wanted to offer up other tasty treats that focus on a healthy approach, which we believe highlights the ethos of the Bach Centre.

You can find Nora’s Kitchen behind the Bach Centre, next to the seminar room, where it opens out into the garden. Our designers and colleagues, Judy Ramsell Howard and Fay Howard, aimed to inject a sense of modernism into the rooms without losing the charm of the Bach Centre and the essence of Nora. It was important that nature had a role and the designers did this through their choice of wallpaper, exposed wood and live edge wooden tables, Fay says:

“We chose a beautiful green foliage wallpaper for the back wall to bring the tranquility, intimacy and freedom of the garden into the Café.”

After a long time, planning, sorting and perfecting; a dream – that was once just an idea on paper – soon became reality.  Nora’s Kitchen was designed, built and ready to welcome its first visitors!

Nora’s Kitchen is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 15:00 and to students from 9am.

The Bach Centre 

Whilst you enjoy a cup of tea or a cappuccino from our Café why not get to know the remedies better and learn what we do here at the Bach Centre. You can take a stroll around the garden, where many of Dr Edward Bach’s remedy plants are labelled. Inside, there are two Museum rooms upstairs, which uncover a whole range of Mount Vernon’s history including historical artefacts, such as Dr Bach’s early remedy bottles and writings. You will also see throughout the Centre information on how the Bach Centre has continued to uphold Dr Bach’s values after his death in 1936. 

Downstairs you will find Dr Bach’s consultation room located to the right of the stairs, and on the left, is Dr Bach’s living room where we have a small gift shop that offers a range of goodies. Whilst visiting you may come across our receptionists, Sam and Zoe, who are more than happy to help you with anything you may need.  

If you’d like to visit the Bach Centre, we are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 16:00pm. Please see our Visitors Guide for more details.