Teachers’ Area

  Hello Teachers, We've upgraded account and website security. This means that you need to log into bachcentre.com as a user; and your bachcentre.com user account needs to be registered by us as a Teacher account. Only bachcentre.com users who are logged into Teacher accounts have access to the Teachers Area. A quick way to check if you have a user account is to go to the bottom of any page on bachcentre.com. If you see a "Log out" link you already have an account and are logged in. If you still don’t have access to this page:
  1. 1. Email George@bachcentre.com from your registered email.
  2. 2. Include your current account details e.g., Email, first and last name.
  3. 3. Please also include your Practitioner Renewal Date.
  4. 4. Request the teacher account upgrade.
If you see a "Log in" link at the bottom of the page, try logging in. If can't get access, create a new bachcentre.com account:
  1. 1. Create one here: Account Creation
  2. 2. After creating the account, follow the upgrade steps above.
Thank you.