The Dr Edward Bach Healing Trust

What does the Healing Trust do?

The Dr Edward Bach Healing Trust is a Registered Charity formed in 1989 to help the elderly, the poor and the sick.

Protecting Mount Vernon

The Trust bears the same name as the original Trust formed by Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen in 1958. Its role was to own and maintain the house and garden at Mount Vernon. Today the Trust continues to own Mount Vernon, in addition to its work helping those in need.

Oxford Children’s Hospital

When the new Oxford Children’s Hospital was being built, the Trust funded two rooms in the hospital for therapeutic purposes. One is the music therapy room, where the hospital’s music therapist – who is funded by Rosie’s Rainbow Fund – can work with the children in a special space away from the ward. The other room is for the provision of complementary therapies for parents and for the children’s carers.

To get in contact please write to:

The Dr Edward Healing Trust
Mount Vernon
Bakers Lane
Oxon OX10 0PZ