We Never Stop Learning

We Never Stop Learning

As we approach our first series of Bach Centre classroom courses this year, starting with our first Level 1 course 2022, it seems a fitting time to offer some reassurance to those who may find it difficult to learn and remember all the remedies. In the beginning it can seem an overwhelming task, even though there are only 38. There are subtle differences between some of them which may seem confusing to begin with, but once you begin to use them and think about how they fit into your life and into the lives of those around you, a fuller and clearer understanding will follow.

We learn through our experiences, through the people we meet, through the work we have to do. We continue to learn and understand relationships, social interaction, and most importantly, about being ourselves. Faced with a difficult situation we may feel pleased with the way we have handled it, or we may reprimand ourselves and wish we had said or done things differently. These are the things that teach us, the things we can learn from, the things that help us to find our path in life and be better at following it; the things that help us to live without regrets, to find peace and joy in all we do. To view life positively, even when it looks dull or frightening. There must always be a positive to draw from every experience, no matter what it is, and perhaps the harder the experience, the more we can learn and know and understand.

It is the same with the remedies. We can learn them and know all the indications thoroughly, but we will never know every nuance of human nature. And essentially, it is the application of the remedies to these nuances that we may not have come across before, that can be challenging. I’ve been with the Bach Centre and working with the remedies every day for nearly forty years, and I am still learning. I know the remedies inside and out, but I continue to learn about human nature. A certain mood or state of mind or an escalation of emotions can make me stop and think about which remedy-feeling that is, and having experienced the feeling I gain a greater understanding of the remedy.

My message here is, don’t feel daunted. Take your time. Use your experiences in life, the things that you see happening in the world, the films you watch on TV, the things your friends and family are finding difficult, and what they are like as people; how they manage situations, how they manage their emotions. And, likewise, how you manage. The remedies are for life, for normal human feelings, so keep it simple and learn from everything that comes your way. And remember, you never stop learning. So never feel you have failed to understand everything because life would be pointless if we had nothing to learn.

– Judy Ramsell Howard