Who are our practitioners? – meet Roxana Catana



We thought it would be a nice idea to tell you a bit more about some of the thousands of Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRPs) around the world. So we took a few moments to catch up with Roxana Catana, who has been on the Register since 2021.

Nice to meet you, Roxana – can you tell our readers something about yourself? 

Hello! My name is Roxana Catana, and I’m based in Craiova, which is in the Dolj county of Romania. I’m a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation – I finished my residency back in 2008. I’m married and have a 20 year-old son, who is also a medical student.

How do the remedies fit in with your medical practice? 

Sometimes in conventional medicine we can’t identify the cause of a disease, physically speaking. What I learned from the philosophy of Dr Bach, I also noticed in my patients – that it’s often a psycho-emotional imbalance in a person that ends up as an illness. This observation was what decided me to find out more and become practitioner. It has helped me manage my own emotional difficulties too. Every time I notice a feeling that I don’t like, I take the remedy. This help me a lot.

So you feel you have a personal relationship with the system as well as a professional one? 

Yes, very much so. I’m passionate about this therapy. Floral therapy came to me at the right time and moment, and I look at it as a gift that life gave me. I would have liked to meet Dr Bach personally and learn from him.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Roxana, and we wish you continued success with your work. 

We’ll be introducing more BFRPs soon. Every person on our Register has their own story, and we look forward to sharing more.