Courses, training, education

The Bach Centre's main focus is education. As well as the courses we run ourselves at Mount Vernon, independent providers offer Bach Centre-approved education in 40 different countries.

We evaluate Bach Centre-approved courses to ensure they offer the highest quality and reflect the finished system laid down by our founder. If you want to become a practitioner, or have the best possible training, we recommend an approved course.

For more casual learners who aren't bothered about a certificate, we can arrange bespoke half-day seminars at the Bach Centre for groups of up to 16. Away from the Centre, there are lots of short courses taught by Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners. Some are for beginners, others are pitched at a more advanced level.

Simplest of all, just book a consultation with a local Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who will help you select remedies and teach you to use the system for yourself.

"You just need an open mind and a desire to learn."

- Stefan Ball, The Bach Remedies Workbook