United Kingdom: scheduled approved courses

Level Start Date Location
108 Feb 2020Kingston-u-Thames
129 Feb 2020West Sussex
207 Mar 2020Belfast, Northern Ireland
109 Mar 2020The Bach Centre
212 Mar 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
317 Mar 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
118 Mar 2020Ipswich, Suffolk
121 Mar 2020West Kirby, Wirral
BFTP220 Apr 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
BC-ACE28 Apr 2020Oxfordshire - The Bach Centre
202 May 2020Kingston-u-Thames
111 May 2020Bach Centre
214 May 2020Bach Centre
116 May 2020STROUD, Gloucestershire
319 May 2020Bach Centre
BC-ACE23 May 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
123 May 2020West Kirby, Wirral
BC-ACE11 Jun 2020Sotwell-Bach Centre
BC-ACE11 Jun 2020The Bach Centre
BFTP115 Jun 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
BC-ACE25 Jun 2020Bach Centre
BC-ACE02 Jul 2020The Bach Centre
BFTP314 Jul 2020The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
107 Sep 2020Bach Centre
210 Sep 2020Bach Centre
315 Sep 2020Bach Centre
121 Sep 2020Bach Centre
224 Sep 2020Bach Centre
329 Sep 2020Bach Centre
210 Oct 2020West Kirby, Wirral
112 Oct 2020Bach Centre
215 Oct 2020Bach Centre
320 Oct 2020Bach Centre
BFTP113 Apr 2021The Bach Centre, Oxfordshire
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