Level 3 courses

Who is the course for?

Level 3 courses focus on consultations skills and the work of professional Bach practitioners. As such they are aimed at people who want to work professionally with the remedies.

Level 3 is also open to non-professionals who want to join the Bach Foundation International Register, or simply want to improve their consultation skills.

Level 3 applicants must complete Bach Centre-approved Level 1 and Level 2 courses before attending Level 3.

Level 3 structure

All Level 3s include periods of classroom teaching and periods of private study done in the student's own time. Students have to complete written work that may include an exam, a reflective journal and essays.

Final assessment is by means of written case studies which are marked at the Bach Centre or by individuals appointed by the Centre for this purpose.

Level 3 and practitioner registration

On satisfactory completion of a Level 3 course students may apply for inclusion on the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners, which is maintained by the Centre.

Registration is conditional on the applicant's agreeing to work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice. In particular, registered practitioners (BFRPs) undertake only to select remedies using the simple consultation methods used by Dr Bach, and to present the 38 remedies as a complete system. BFRPs can use any brand of remedy that they find to be effective.

Completing Level 3 is a prerequisite for registration. However, registration and the issue of the accompanying Certificate are entirely at the Bach Centre's discretion.

Bach Centre courses

The Centre's own Level 3 comprises a four-day course held at Dr Bach's home in Oxfordshire, England; plus a period of assessed work, which most students complete in around eight months.

The Bach Centre course is aimed at intending professionals - but we also welcome students who just want to learn, and are not looking to complete formal assessments or gain certification. Apply online now...

"Learning in the relaxed environment of the Bach Centre with others from so many countries - great!"

BIEP courses

The Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) is the biggest international provider of Bach Centre-approved training, with courses in more than 30 different countries. More...

Independent approved courses

In some countries the Bach Centre approves courses run by independent teachers or small organisations. More...

Student registration

Students on approved Level 3 courses may apply for student registration with the Bach Centre, which can enhance your learning experience.

"You just need an open mind and a desire to learn."

- Stefan Ball, The Bach Remedies Workbook