Learning the remedies by heart

by Véronique Heynen-Rademakers BFRP

How do students and remedy users in general go about learning 38 remedies by heart? Here are some ideas that I use on my courses...

  • List the remedies next to the name of someone you know who reminds you of its indications.
  • Make a drawing or diagram representing each group and place the remedies in that group into the picture. For visual people, this really helps. Sometimes you can justify a remedy's specific position on the drawing: for example, if we used a five-point star for the "Fear" group, Rock Rose would label the highest point of the star as it is the biggest fear, while Mimulus and Aspen would go on opposite arms as they are opposites in a sense.
  • Repetition also helps the remedies stay in our memory. During my Level 1 courses we go over each group once, then we try to remember the remedies and/or their indications and we place them on a drawing from memory. On the second day, we do the drawing all over again before doing the exercises.
  • Use your diary or journal to learn one remedy a week, or every few days. During that time focus on that one remedy and try to recognize when you need it, and when you can observe it or hear it in others.
  • Make a mind map that you can use as a reminder. Big and colourful enough you can place it in the loo: it’s a place we go every day! - why not make that time useful?
  • If you have an auditory memory, try putting the remedies in rhymes or songs.
  • Find keywords that help you memorise the remedies. (But be sure not to stick with them later on, when you will be listening to people: Vine could be remembered as “dictator”, for example, but a person needing Vine will not recognise himself in that description. He might suffer or be angry that others don’t obey him, which feels quite different.)

The easy thing about the remedies is that the emotions they describe are already well known by us. It is only a matter of matching the name of the remedy with the feeling! Enjoy!

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